O Week 2015: Day one

Many first years. Such crowds. Wow.

Day one kicked off with many a first years wandering around campus aimlessly, and with the UMSU Host Program.

The program involves a host (someone in their later years) being buddied up to a group of first years in the same degree. Many ice-breaker games were played to death, then the hosts took their group on a tour around the campus.

Side note – If your host didn’t bring you to System Garden, I am deeply disappointed and I hope that you find it in your own time because it’s such a hidden gem.

Carnival time on South Lawn

South Lawn was buzzing with life come carnival time. It was super overcast at the beginning of the carnival, but when weather cleared up, the sunshine was glorious.



University staff from various student services (like Academic Skills, Student Housing, the Library etc.), UMSU reps and others were manning booths on the lawn. They were chatting to newcomers about what they do, how they can help during their time at unimelb etc.



The live band that performed later that afternoon were surprisingly good! They’re no San Cisco, but they’re pretty good. *thumbs up*


The most important part of O Week – the freebies.

They say O Week is all about making new friends, but really – it’s all about the freebies.

It wasn’t long before this blogger gave up her search for freebies because honestly – her patience to wait in queues was running out.

She was given some sort of free chilli ice chocolate drink, which she thought was revolting and threw away promptly. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

Mi Goreng was on offer to the masses, but she didn’t get one (the line was ridiculous). Nothing can beat Indomie though.


MUSUL’s catering service, 130 degrees, were offering free tea and coffee. (Thank you!)


There were also other freebies around the carnival. Things like USBs, frisbees, yoyos, and strangely a lot of Lipton teas.

Honourable mention goes to UMSU International who wins the award for longest line for freebies. I’m not sure what you were giving out, but if people were happy to wait that long for it, I bet it was pretty good.


Meanwhile, in the land of crepes…

The annual Great Carte Trade was in full swing and Carte was swamped with many keen people, ready to trade their vouchers in for a free nutella crepe.



Kudos to all the staff working there today! It must’ve been a crazy day, and you know…you’re the best.

Day two of O Week will be quieter than today’s fiasco. But I don’t think that will be a problem considering how exhausted everyone must be feeling after today.

Enjoy Day 2!

– Daphane

4 thoughts on “O Week 2015: Day one

  1. I was going to get a free crepe, but by the time I got to the front of the line (20 minutes waiting!) they told me it was 30 minutes for the free crepes. It was so much quicker if you paid for it, had it within 5 minutes. Best $6.50 I spent all day :)
    Most of the freebies weren’t worth the line

    1. 30 minutes! Wow. Luckily I went in early to get mine.

      True about the freebies. I must say the quality of freebies have gone down over time. I remember a time when Officeworks would give out massive showbags of goodies. Pens, highlighters, post it notes, notebooks, folders…the lot. Now THAT was worth the wait.

  2. I missed out on USB and frisbee and didn’t get a voucher to trade for a crepe but I might have to buy one .. they smelled amazing. Was a great day!

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