Meet the new team!

About a month ago, I put the call out for new contributors to join Unimelb Adventures and the response was phenomenal! And now, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to the new team for 2015.

Firstly, I’d like you to meet your two new sub-editors – Travis Lines and Reanna Clark. They will be working closely with me to make Unimelb Adventures the best that it can be this year, and to help manage our growing team.

Travis is a 3rd year Biomed student majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Reanna is a 3rd year Arts student double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. They’ve both blogged for Unimelb Adventures before, both are regular volunteers around campus, and both really lovely people.

Secondly, please make welcome your new Unimelb Adventures contributors:

Adriane Reardon
3rd year Arts, Media and Comms

Aisling Acton
2nd year Arts, Psych/Gender Studies

Akshay Kumar Bharat Kumar
2nd year Science, Mechanical Eng

Arun Sivasubramaniyan
Masters in Software Engineering

Callum Griffin
3rd year Commerce, Economics and Finance

Cass Prigg
3rd year Arts, Anthropology/Linguistics

Cath Elliott
1st year Commerce, Economics

Danielle Croci
3rd year Arts, Politics and History

Eliza Rose
2nd year Arts, Media and Comms/Film and Cultural Studies

Emily Gregg
1st year Masters, Zoology

Evangeline Dowling
2nd year Arts, Politics and International Studies

Hazel Titus
4th year Science, Civil Systems

Husni Shafqat
1st year Science

Jacky Oulton
2nd year JD

Jane Yook
2nd year Arts, Psychology/Media and Comms

Jenni Yao
1st year Masters, Engineering (Spatial)

Jess McLennan
2nd year Arts, Literature and Screen and Cultural Studies

Joey Black
Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing

John Xie
3rd year Biomed

Josephine Sutji
1st year Commerce, Accounting and Finance

Josh Solomonsz
3rd year Arts, Politics and Literature

Kate Lawrence
2nd year Arts, Media and Comms/Politics

Kayla Heffernan

Keit Loi
Honours, finished his Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2014

Leanne Loong
1st year Arts, Psychology and Linguistics

Lucy Qi
2nd year Science, Physiology/Psychology

Mallika Murthy
3rd year Arts, Psychology/Politics

Natalia Agus
1st year Arts, Psychology/Criminology

Phoebe-Mae Edwards
2nd year Arts, Linguistics

Seluz Fahik
2nd year Masters, Applied Maths

Shirley Xu
2nd year Arts, Media and Comms/Psychology

Sonia Ramza
2nd year Arts, Media and Comms/Psychology

Thai Nguyen
3rd year Biomed, Biomedical Engineering

Thiashya Jayasekera
1st year Science, Pharmacology/Pathology

1st year Masters, Teaching and Information Systems

Vivien Pham
2nd year Science, Physiology

Xiaosheng Chen
3rd year Arts, Creative Writing/Law and Justice

Travis, Reanna and myself are super excited to have such a diverse mix of contributors on board. We have a mix of local and international students, students studying a range of degrees and majors, people coming from colleges etc. Each one of them will bring a new perspective to the blog and we hope you make them feel welcome as they start blogging.

Growing from a one person blog, to a 30+ person blog is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. But I hope you are as excited as I am for what’s to come on Unimelb Adventures this year.

– Daphane

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