Living On Campus

Hi I’m Jess, and I’m a second year Arts student. I also happen to be one of the around 2,500 students who live in one of the twelve residential college.

I’ve been living at Ormond College since June 2014, and my decision to move into college was an odd one for most people, because I’m from Melbourne. In fact, I’m only about a thirty minute drive away, or about an hour by public transport.

I get asked all the time why I chose to live in college when I live so close by, but for me it was an easy choice. I get it, college isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s completely worth it.

So here are 3 reasons why I chose college:

1. Getting extra help

Uni is hard, and anyone who doesn’t agree is kidding themselves. The colleges offer extra tutoring and academic support, and the larger ones even have live in tutors who can help with essays, quizzes, pracs and just any random question you may have.

It’s a great lifeline and a confidence booster to have the support of academics and even older students who have previously done the class who can offer advice.

2. Getting involved in extra-curricular activities

Getting involved in sports at uni can be pricey, and sometimes it’s intimidating to join groups such as musical groups or debating if you haven’t done it before.

The colleges have their own small sports competition, and many of them have stage productions or plays where everyone can get involved in the cast, the crew or even the orchestra.

There are so many events and seminars and competitions going on that it can even become overwhelming knowing what to attend!

3. Meeting more friends

I’m a firm believer of getting outside the ‘college bubble’, but having a core group of friends that you live with, eat with and party with makes the uni experience so much fun.

There is often a familiar college face in one of your lectures, or someone to grab a coffee with quickly between classes. Uni can be a lonely place, and it takes time and effort to solidify friendships. At college you can meet a diverse group of people studying many different degrees and breadths, with different and interesting goals and aspirations.

Everyone has a different opinion on the college experience, and mine is mostly positive. Of course, there are always downsides such as cost, lack of privacy, and strict meal times. However, the college experience is completely unique and, for me, it has been such an amazing time!

– Jess

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