Fun times at UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ

If you’re new to Unimelb, UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ is literally one of the single best things the University of Melbourne has to offer.

Organised by the Student Union, or UMSU Activities to be more specific, the Tuesday BBQ is a weekly event where live bands perform and sausages are eaten entirely for free.

Yes, for FREE.

The band for Week 1 just happened to be Art vs Science, and based on the turn-out, they did not disappoint.

The energy from their set was incredible. From the get go, phones began Instagramming and a mosh pit formed. The band played their best hits like Magic FountainAIM Fire and Create/Destroy.

A standout moment occurred in their epic rendition of Parlez-Vous Francais that extended to eight minutes and comprised of three guitar solos, the drummer spraying water from his mouth in a crescendo, and the pianist non-stop running-man for the duration of the song. The crowd did not stop jumping in unison.


Some previous bands that have performed include Saskwatch, The Eagle and the Worm and San Cisco.

These BBQs are a perfect event to attend with friends.

According to Maddie Downes, a second year Arts student who is a regular attendee of these events, the Tuesday Band and BBQ is a great way to have fun between classes and to meet new people.

It’s kind of a tradition attending all of these amazingly awesome bands over the years. It’s a meeting place where you’re guaranteed to meet heaps of new people.”

In addition to all that, the food at the BBQs are generally pretty delicious.

Basic soft drinks and sausages are up for grabs. For vegetarians, there are veggie burgers on offer. For bread manics, there is white, multigrain and brown for choice. And for a really good time, cider and beer are also given out for free.

However, you can imagine that this BBQ attracts quite a crowd. People begin lining up at 12pm, even though the BBQ doesn’t open until 1pm.

Check out the line for the BBQ!
Check out the line for the BBQ!

The queue can extend until kingdom come, but once the serving begins, it moves fairly briskly.

Thankfully from any place in the queue, the stage is still in view so at least the music entertains while you wait.

So come on down for a snag, a sneaky bev, and check out the bands on offer. It’s on every Tuesdays during semester, from 1-2pm on North Court.

You can check out the band line up here, and be sure to like UMSU Activities on Facebook for more updates!

Most of the time, you might hear something new and fresh, thus expanding your music knowledge. And almost every time, you meet new people, one sausage at a time.

Think of the gains. Just think of the gains.

– Adriane

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