Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Attention food lovers of Melbourne University, we now have a weekly Farmer’s market filled with delicious food, cute packaging and FREE SAMPLES!

To save you the hassle of navigating your way through the crowds, Sonia and I have chosen our top 4 favourite stalls at the Market (if we’ve missed your favourite, tell us below!).

1. Heidi Honey

A stall filled with a tonne of honey products and chai. They stocked a few different varieties of honey that you can taste.

The honey lollipops receive a thumbs up from us. Our personal favourite were the candles- they had intricate bee designs on them! There was also a little section dedicated to bee keeping for all you bee fanatics!

2. Mt Nugong Beef

We absolutely loved what this stand had to offer. All the components of the dish were grown and made here in Victoria, with no sprays or chemicals used.
The meal itself consisted of two Sausages, served on a freshly-baked sour-dough bread roll, with lettuce, onion jam (made from preserved caramelised onions) and tomato sauce. Yes, even the tomato sauce was organic!
This kept us full for quite a while, well worth the $12! (Spicy options are also available if you’re looking for that extra kick).

You can find their website here:

3. Benny’s Berries

$5. Yes, only $5 for a large punnet of Strawberries! By large we mean about double the size of what you buy in the Supermarket.

In terms of taste, the Strawberries were perfectly ripe, with a wonderful sweet taste. There were other products on offer, including different flavours of jam.


4. Rose Creek Estate

This stall had some great samples of olives and various oils on offer. There were three types of oil, each from a particular harvest (1st, 2nd of 3rd), which each had a particular recommended use (cooking, salads etc).

Small pieces of bread were available to dip in the oils to taste them. Each one had a distinct taste, and without a doubt you could tell were the finest of quality. Both olives and olive oils were for sale.


If you want to see who else will be at the Farmers Market when it’s on next, check out this link:

– Mallika & Sonia

Editor’s note: One of our other contributors, Thai, was also at the Farmer’s Market the other day. Check out parts of the market from his vlog here:

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