Riding Your Bike at Unimelb

While Melbourne certainly is no Copenhagen or Amsterdam, it does have a blooming bike culture.

Not only is it great fun, it keeps you fit and saves you a lot of money on public transport fares!

Unimelb has become quite accommodating to bike riders, but often the information is a bit hard to come across, and in my opinion, sadly is not advertised enough.

If you’re thinking of riding your bike to uni, here are some things you should know about.

Secure bike hubs

Worried about your precious bike being stolen?

Never fear!

There are over 2100 bike racks on campus, and 300 of those are located within secure areas.

Simply follow this link to sign up to one of the hubs, and your student card will allow you access.

I highly recommend the hub on Royal Parade (under the Brain Centre in the car park). Your card will not only give you access to covered parking spaces, but there are toilets and lockers that you can access with your student card! There are also showers for those wannabe Cadel Evans out there who race their way to uni.

Bicycle repair stands

Got a flat tyre on your way to uni, or need to adjust your seat but are like me and too lazy/cheap to invest in bike tools?

Unimelb has four bike repair stands: two at the Parkville campus, one at VCA and one at Burnley.

The two at Parkville can be a bit hard to find: one is hidden between the Spot and the FBE Building, and the other is down Stationary Lane. Check out this page for more information about them and map references!

Photo: University of Melbourne
Photo: University of Melbourne

UoM Bicycle Transport Officer

Yes, we have one of those. Check out her facebook page to keep updated about upgrades to cycling infrastructure on and around campus. However, I just saw that her position will be no longer as of the end of March.

Ride to Uni breakfast

Every Tuesday throughout the semester from 9-11am, the Environment Collective puts on a free breakfast for cycling students and staff, and the Bike Co-op offers services to show you how to fix up your bike. Find them in North Court!

Bike Co-op

Join the facebook group of Unimelb Bike Co-op, who also campaign for cycling infrastructure around campus. They also hold events for other avid cycling students.


We are lucky enough to have our own bike shop here at Parkville campus.

Located on Tin Alley, across the road from Redmond Barry, this little shop offers and range of new and used bikes, as well as all the cycling accessories you could possibly need. There is also servicing available, and you can take your bike in for same day repairs.

If you have any more tips and secrets for your fellow cycling students at Unimelb, please let us know in the comments! Now if you will excuse me, it is time for a rendition of Bicycle Race by Queen as I ride home from uni.

– Reanna

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