Class on the other side of campus?

Whoa it’s Week 5 already!

If you haven’t figured out by now how best to get to your class on the other side of campus then I’ve got you covered.

Speaking from experience (8am lecture in the Redmond Barry, 9am lecture in The Spot) here are my top tips to getting to class (relatively) on time when it’s on the other side of the campus.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

This is a fairly obvious one but nonetheless important. According to google maps, it’s around 900 metres from Redmond Barry to The Spot so if you plan on walking fast you’ll want to prioritise comfort over fashion, but even better if you could combine the two.

2. Leave class early

If you desperately want to get to your next class on time, leave 5 mins early and watch those last few minutes on echo.

This would be a good option if your next class is a tute/lab or lecture with a high attendance rate and it is almost nigh impossible to get a seat (looking at you Human Physiology).

If you need to leave a tutorial or a lab earlier to get to the next class – you can always speak to your tutor/demonstrator and let them know you need to leave 5/10 minutes earlier. They’re usually pretty understanding.

3. Map out your route

Have a look on a campus map and plot out different routes to get you from Point A to Point B. There may be shortcuts you can take which will save you time.

Sometimes it’s faster to walk through uni and sometimes it’s faster to walk the perimeter of the uni, it all depends on where you’re going to.

4. Avoid busy places

In case you haven’t noticed, Union House gets pretty busy around lunch time so avoid cutting through there. Same goes to South Lawn during club events or North Court.

Unless you can brave the hordes of people, you might want to skirt around the heavily populated areas.

5. Ride your bike, skate or scoot to your next class

While we don’t have University funded Segways to help us get to class on time, you could look at other ways to get you to your next class on time, things like riding, skating or scooting your way across campus.


So, if you are still having trouble getting to classes on the opposite side of campus on time – try some of these tips!

– Vivien

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