Week 4: Happenings at unimelb

Time is flying so fast, everything is becoming a blur!

As we head into Week 5 of uni, we’re going to revisit some events that happened over last week.

With the help with our contributors, and curated by yours truly (Daphane here, hello!), here were some events that happened in Week 4:

Opening of the new Professors Walk Cafe


Professors Walk Cafe has a new home! They’ve now relocated next to the Co-op and everything looks so shiny. There is less seating available at their new digs compared to their previous location, but it’s all good.

Cocktail Party

Run by UMSU Activities, Cocktail Party is an ‘elegant’ night where you get to dress up and feel somewhat like a fancy-rich-’take me seriously’- adult.

For $20 a ticket, the night included a complimentary cocktail on entry, and well as unlimited canapes. Curry puffs and spring rolls were a delicious complimentary snack throughout the night. The Savoy Tavern venue had lovely lounge corners so casual chats are all the more ‘refined’. The dancefloor was a fun accompaniment to the nights events, not forgetting to mention the amazing drink deals like $5 ciders and $5 spirits.

Make sure to bring you gather a group of friends for next year, because Cocktail Night certainly breaks up a heavy week ahead of studying. Besides, any excuse to dress up and feel ‘fancy’ is worth having.

Farmers Market


The weekly Farmers Market was back on at Union Lawn. It’s been three weeks since it first started and the Market continues to bring in a relatively large crowd.

UMSU International’s Welcome to Melbourne

UMSU International ran a fair on North Court to introduce new peeps to Melbourne. There were a range of stalls at the event, with representatives University Services, GloBall program, Public Transport Victoria, Study Melbourne and others manning the stalls.

In addition to info stalls, free food was also on the cards. By approaching and getting stamps from the stalls, we got a $10 food voucher to spend on Hammer&Tong or Mr. Burger. There was also free gelato from Bianco Latte!

PA’s went under the hammer


You heard right, there was a public auction to fight over the keys to our beloved pub across the road :'( First Puggs, then Corkmans, now PA’s? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

But guess who bought it? According to our sources, the University did! Who knows what’s to come to the pub. Free booze for all unimelb students surely.

UMSU Clubs Carnival

The Clubs Carnival showcased some of the clubs UMSU had to offer. There was lots of food, drinks and activities, most of which were FREE! :)

There were free fairy floss from M-ASS (Arts Student Society), a Rope Bridge activity from Scouting@Unimelb and face painting by the Fashion and Beauty Society.

There were lots of things to see and do, and lots of people took up the opportunity to sign up more clubs if they wished.


Big thanks to Adriane, Sonia, and Natalia for their contributions to make this post possible.

If you want to see your event covered in one of these weekly posts, send me (Daphane) a message via Facebook and we can sort something out.

– Daphane & the Unimelb Adventures crew

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