What is the Inter-Collegiate Dance Off?

Hi everyone! I’m Evie – second year Arts student, second year living at International House. I’m also the Vice-President of the International House student club.

Some people ask me why college life is awesome. Well, the Inter-Collegiate Dance Off is part of the answer!

What is Origins?

The Inter-Collegiate Dance Off, aka Origins, is where each college assembles a team of 12 students to perform their fresher dance on one night.

Around 1,100 college kids are packed into Billboards at the end of Week 3 to watch eleven amazingly choreographed dances by each college.

The lead up to Origins

Learning the fresher dance all begins on the first day of each college’s O-week. The freshers (aka First Years) are brought into dining halls, Junior Common Rooms and quads to learn their dance.

O-week leaders are up on stage, chilling around until the song comes on then Bang! Out come the body rolls, the clapping and of course, the hip thrusts.

The freshers learn their dance so they whip it out at any party, event and of course, at the fresher dance off.

On the night

After weeks of practices, the teams are incredibly slick and polished.

As each college jumps up on the stage, their supporters clamber to the front of the mosh pit to wave their hands in the air to cheer their mates on. It’s an incredibly electric atmosphere.

Picture: Hayden McMillan

The results!

Congratulations this year go to Trinity College in First Place. Performing an up beat jive to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” Trinity had the whole crowd swaying their hips to the tune.

Second place went to International House (IH), who are garnering a dancing reputation having placed 1st in 2013, 3rd in 2014 and now 2nd. IH were pumping out moves to Guy Sebastian’s “Like a Drum” and even featured a superbly performed worm.

Third place went to Ormond College who mashed a Walk the Dinosaur remix with their own clapping beats which took the breaths away from the crowd.

Picture: Hayden McMillan

Origins is a night no College kid ever forgets. Check out the link below to IH’s dance (a bloggers shameless plug for their own college) and check out ICAC Unimelb for all the dances.)

For more photos of the event, see Hayden McMillan’s Facebook page.

– Evie

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