Let the countdown begin

It’s surreal to think there’s only one week of semester left. Which means, one week of undergrad left for me (yikes!).

I received my provisional invitation to graduate last week, and that’s when another wave of reality smacked me in the face. It’s all really happening!


Although the thought of finishing undergrad made me quite anxious, that anxiety has now been replaced with excitement. For the first time this semester, I’ve felt truly happy and content, and not riddled with fear of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

I can’t wait to graduate, and not just for reasons that I won’t have to do another horrendous uni group project etc. I can’t wait to get busy living life and pursue interests I’ve always wanted to do. The next 6 months will be all about embracing the creative side of me that’s been pushed behind all the priorities of uni.

I want to learn how to cook like a Masterchef and plate up a dessert like Reynold (if you’re a hardcore Masterchef fan, I think we’ll get along just fine), I want to learn more about photography, video and graphic design, I want to go out and explore Melbourne and its surroundings, I want to learn how to build things, and so much more.

I’m definitely feel much calmer this week compared to the past 10 weeks stressing about how life after undergrad and finding work. I think the phrase, ‘living in the moment’, is an accurate way to describe my current perspective on things.

What’s been happening in Week 11?

Like any other week, it’s been a jam-packed week. Where do I begin?

Failing a mid sem test

At the start of the week, I found out that I failed a mid sem test for one of my subjects (not a great way to kick off the week!). I knew I didn’t do well in it but I certainly wasn’t expecting for my mark to be that low. To be fair, it was a hard test and this was reflected in the low class average. But it didn’t soften the blow to my self-confidence!  Plus it was quite worrying since I kinda need to pass the subject to graduate (it’s okay, I did the maths and I’m still on track to pass!).

We contacted the subject coordinators and organise times where we can visit them to review our tests. So if you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, do get in touch with your subject coordinators to review your test/assessment. It’s a good way to see where you went wrong and to get some advice for improvement (not necessarily an opportunity to contest your mark).

Finished my last assignment!

I finished my final undergrad assignment this week, and I’m pretty stoked! If you still have assignments, keep at it. The pain will be over soon! *fistbump*

Now I can focus on catching up on my millions of lectures and buckling down for exams. This semester I’ve got 3 exams, of which, one is a take-home. This will be my first take-home paper (it’s for Sustainable Development) and I have zero idea what to expect! All my exams are on the first week, and they’re all at Wilson Hall which is bizarre because I’ve always had exams at REB.

Class excursion to the RSPCA

For Applied Animal Behaviour, we visited the Burwood RSPCA which was a nice way to end the subject. Many cute cats and dog were cuddled!

The road ahead

I anticipate next week will full of ‘lasts’. You know, things like – the last time I have a lecture here…the last free band and BBQ I go to…the last time I get to use my swipe card etc.

I’ll most likely get all nostalgic about everything, reflect on all the battles I’ve fought and all the hurdles I’ve jumped to get to where I am today, and feel all the feels.

But it’s all exciting! The light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner. Here’s to a good Week 12 ahead!

– Daph

4 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin

  1. I’ll be graduating from high school in less than a month, so I’ve been having a lot of “lasts” lately.

    Anyway, I need advice, and I’m hoping you can give me your two cents. As you know I’m thinking about studying in Australia. I’ll start applying in a month, so I need to choose a university soon. At first I nailed my choices down to UniMelb and UNSW, but they are so expensive. Now I’m thinking about going to the University of Newcastle, but it’s less prestigious than both UniMelb and UNSW. The University of Newcastle sounds like a great uni, but the whole prestige thing bothers me a little. So, do you think prestige really matters, or should I just go to whichever uni that suits me and not care about prestige?

    I’m sorry if this is a difficult question. I’m just trying to hear different perspectives.

    Good luck on your exams!!!

    1. Hey Valen! Hope you have been well and congrats on almost completing high school!

      Picking a university is tough! It is a big decision and there are so many factors to consider. I’m starting to look at universities for postgrad studies, so I can relate. In my opinion, I’d suggest you pick a university that’s right for you, not so much on prestige. For example, unimelb is a great university of high prestige, but it’s not necessarily the best uni for, let’s say, a zoology course. In saying that, I’m still really happy to be studying at unimelb because of the great social atmosphere. If you’re worried about how the university will look on your resume etc. I wouldn’t worry about it deterring your chances of getting jobs etc. :)

      I think, at the end of the day, would you regret not going to unimelb/unsw? It’s no good if you were to go to another uni and be unhappy, but of course it would be tough with the whole money situation. You could try applying for scholarships and grants? I’m not sure what the application process is like, but could you apply for them all and see what you get accepted into, then go from there?

      1. Thanks for such a thoughtful answer :). I never knew that choosing a university and a degree would be so hard! There is so much to choose from and the fear of making the wrong decision is constantly there. Many people are saying that a Bachelor of Commerce/Business/Economics is useless, which doesn’t make it any easier.

        I don’t think there will be much regret, since I truly like the University of Newcastle. But if there were to be any regret, I could try to transfer credit to UNSW. Most of the courses I’ll be taking during my first year are already approved for credit transfer by UNSW, so that would hopefully make it easier.

        I will definitely try to apply for grants and scholarships.

        Again: thank you so much!

        Random question: are you going to stop blogging on unimelbadventures after you graduate? I really hope you won’t because I enjoy reading your posts :).

      2. I certainly don’t think a Bachelor of Commerce/Business/Economics is useless! I reckon there’s plenty you can do with that. Sounds like you’ve made up your mind about which uni you’re going to ;) And yes, if for some reason you don’t like it there, you can also look at transferring universities.

        I’ll probably write a post on here once in a blue moon when I graduate, but I’ve been working on another blog which I will launch soon! And thank you – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading my posts!

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