Everything you need to know about class registrations

Have a question about class registrations? Here are the answers you seek.

Bear in mind that we’re no 13 MELB, so use this information as a guide. For the most up to date info, head over to Ask.Unimelb.

What’s the backlink to the class registration page?

Unfortunately those ‘secret’ links no longer work :(

I can’t log into the portal

Be patient – there are thousands of other people trying to log in at the same time.

13 MELB has advised that you don’t refresh your browser as this will send you to the back of the queue. You are still in the queue if you see the spinning wheel of death.

If you see an error message that says ‘Page cannot be displayed’ or ‘Application error’, then refresh your screen.

My timetable clashes

If you can’t create a clash-free timetable, you can either contact your student centre or raise it up in the Class Registration Enquiry Management (CREM) system.

Each faculty deals with clashes differently, so you need to check with them directly: ScienceArtsVCA/MCMBiomedCommerceEnvironments.

If my timetable clashes, can I listen to recordings for the subject?

Some subjects you can survive by listening to the recordings, however lecture recordings aren’t reliable. Some recordings are only audio, so you can’t see which lecture slide your lecturer is up to, and sometimes the lecture recording system has a hissy fit and doesn’t record the lecture.

Also – not all lectures are recorded! Best to check with your student centre or contact the subject coordinator to find out if it is recorded.

I have back-to-back classes. Will I have to time to get to my next class?

Most of the time, yes.

Lectures start 5 minutes later and finish 5 minutes earlier than the advertised time. For example, a 9am-10am lecture actually runs from 9.05am-9.55am. This is so you can get to your next class in time.

As for tutorials and labs, this may not be the case. Most of the time they will run to normal times. If I had a lecture straight after a tute – I’d normally have a chat to the tutor beforehand and let him/her know I need to leave earlier.

My classes are full

There is hope that you can get into a “full” class, but you need to have a chat to your student centre.

I’d recommend you keep checking the class reg page over time. Sometimes people swap lecture times, or withdraw from the subject – so space in your desired class may free up.

If you need to be in that class for work/family/religious/any legitimate reasons, you will need to provide ‘evidence’. More info: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/6jpn.

If you’re doing first year subjects – there are 2 rounds of class registrations. 90% of classes places are released in the first round, then the remaining 10% is released in the second round. If you missed out in the first round, try again in the second.

Can I be put on a waiting list?

Not all subjects have waiting lists. The subjects that offer waiting lists are typically level 2+ subjects.

Waiting lists puts you in a queue, and if someone in that class leaves, you will be automatically moved into that class. But the thing is, you can’t be put on a waiting list if you are registered for another class, and waiting lists doesn’t guarantee you a place in the class.

The list will be closed the week before semester starts, and anyone waiting will be removed.

For more info: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/q9xn.

Do I have to stick to my timetable? 

Technically, yes. But not many of us do.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to your timetables for lectures. Let’s say if your lecture has repeated sessions in the morning and afternoon, and your timetable puts you in the morning one. You could get away with going to the afternoon ones.

Keep in mind that lecture attendance are taken in some subjects (check the handbook), so you will have to stick to your timetable in this instance.

However it’s a different story for tutorials and labs – yes, you need to stick to your timetable for those ones.

Unless you have made arrangements with the subject coordinator/relevant staff to temporarily change lab times – stick to your tute/lab times. Attendance is most likely recorded, and you don’t want to lose precious attendance marks that could be the difference between passing and failing a subject.

It’s saying there are no available classes?

It could mean 2 things:

1) Class registrations are closed – this may be because you are too early and the class registration process hasn’t opened. Also, class reg closes after week 3 of semester, so if you need to make changes to your timetable after this time, you need to go to your student centre.

2) Class reg is open, but your classes are full – more info: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/hu7n

I forgot to register into my classes

You will receive reminders that you haven’t registered into your classes and if you still aren’t registered into classes when semester starts, the timetabling staff may do it for you.

I have no idea what I’m doing

Best place to go for help – is to your student centre or 13 MELB.

Hope this helps and good luck!

– Daphane

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