Not happy with your exam results?

So you’ve put in all that work, only to be rewarded with a measly mark – gah!

It sucks to get a mark that doesn’t represent the work and effort you’ve put in for the subject, and we’ve all been there before.

In between yelling profanities at your computer and fighting the temptation to rage quit uni, you can do something about this. This post will go through the steps you can take to do something about those unhappy results.

Just FYI – This post has been vetted by the 13 MELB folks and the information below is accurate as of Wed 8 July.

Step 1. Wait till results are finalised

You’ll have to wait until results are finalised before you can do anything about your marks. Results are finalised from 3pm Friday 10 July and your student centres will be available to assist you from Monday 13 July.

If you go to your student centre before results are finalised, it’s extremely likely they’ll give you same advice as per below, and tell you to come back after results have been finalised.

Step 2. Organise an exam review

Once results are finalised, make an appointment with your subject coordinator to review your exam paper or overall results. Take note that these exam reviews are not an opportunity to challenge your marks or to get them to re-mark your paper. They’re there so you can get feedback on your performance and understand why you got those marks.

You make an appointment by emailing your coordinator, with the exception of some commerce subjects where you book an appointment online.

My email to the coordinator would go something along the lines of:

Title of email: <subject number> result review

Dear <name of coordinator>,

I would like to arrange a time to discuss my results for <subject>. Do you have time next week we can meet?

Kind regards,

<your name + student number>

It’s good to include your student number in the email so the coordinator is able to find your exam paper and have it ready for your appointment. And remember to send the email from your student email account.

If you’re still unhappy after your exam review, the next step is to appeal it.

Step 3. Appeal your result

You can appeal your results on two levels, and in this order:

3a. Appeal based on academic judgement

If you believe there’s been an error in ‘academic judgement’, you will need to write to the head of the department (do a google search with ‘head of department’ + the name of your faculty + unimelb). They will then suss it out, and write back to you with the outcome of your appeal.

3b. Appeal based on procedural matters

And if you’re still not happy after hearing back from the head of department, you can escalate this further by submitting a complain/grievance.

More info:

Step 4. Chat to UMSU Advocacy

If all else fails, or if you need support – I’d highly recommend getting in touch with the Student Union’s Advocacy service. Appealing results can get ugly and Advocacy is there to help you. Plus, they’re a free service.

More info:

Good luck with the appeals!

– Daph

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