Concurrent Diploma 101

Diploma? What? I thought I could only get a degree. Nope. This article is here to inform you on what exactly a Concurrent Diploma entails, what study areas are available and how you can apply for one.

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What is a Concurrent Diploma?

A Concurrent Diploma is an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain an additional qualification outside of their major area of study. This means you complete eight subjects, which in technical uni terms is worth 100 points. Now you may be thinking, “Oh no! A whole another year of study! ”. Not Necessarily. If you know from the beginning of your undergrad you’d like to complete one, you may only add an extra semester or even less. It really depends where you are in your degree and what your major requirements are.

Explaining ‘concurrent’

One thing to note is this is a ‘Concurrent’ Diploma. You have to complete it alongside your degree, cross-crediting a minimum of 25 points (two subjects). What is cross-crediting you ask? Great question! It is when a subject credits both your degree and diploma.

Another thing to note is that you graduate once you have completed both your degree and diploma.

What happens at graduation?

According to the ask.unimelb site, there a few major differences to just graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree.

  1. YAY! Two pieces of paper! You receive your degree and diploma certificates simultaneously, which is also denoted in the program.
  2. You are seated with those who completed the same degree and diploma as you.
  3. Everyone with a single degree will receive theirs first. Afterwards, all of you who have both, (degree and diploma) will be presented with you certificates.

The Diplomas available include:

Diploma of Informatics

Course search:


Diploma of Languages

Course search:


Diploma of Mathematical Sciences

Course search:

Diploma of Music (Practical)

Course search:

Universitas 21 Diploma in Global Issues

Course search:

Making an application

The ‘official’ process involves applying online via my.unimelb. However, as someone who has just been through this, I recommend a few extra steps to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

  1. Head to your student centre
    Discuss your degree requirements. Take into account which majors you wish to pursue and then how this affects your availability for a Diploma.
  2. Do some research
    Look into the diploma requirements. What about specific subject pre-requisites? How will that affect your overall course structure? Also, try to take into account descriptions of subjects. Do the learning outcomes suit what you wish to achieve? These are just some of the questions to think about.
  3. Make decisions
    Have a plan ready of the subjects you’d pursue in both the remainder of your degree and then the diploma. You may have to fill out a course planning sheet as part of the application process, that’s why it’s good to be prepared.
  4. Head to the student centre to talk about the Diploma
    Express your interest in taking the course and find out about any extra requirements that may exist. They also may give you a course planner to fill in and any relevant documentation.
  5. Apply online**
    So, what are you waiting for? Simply head to my.unimelb and apply!
    Find the student admin tab, then click the enrolment tab.
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Source: unimelb LMS


After this, it’s mostly confirming personal details and selecting the Diploma you’re interested in.

From here, you have to wait and see whether you have been accepted. You’ll receive both a letter and email to notify you.

Why did I choose this?

I always wanted to study the Media and Psychology combination, but have also had an interest in Information Technology. I wanted to have some sort of qualification in each of the three areas. That’s why the Diploma of Informatics was the perfect option, it is recognised as a qualification with my degree and is extremely valuable.

You have got nothing to lose looking into applying for a diploma. You can have additional study in an area of interest, with an extra certificate to prove it! ;)

** An exception exists for the Concurrent Diploma of Music (Practical). For this, you must apply directly to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music before 31 January of each year (not via my.unimelb). See information about this here (

– Sonia


One thought on “Concurrent Diploma 101

  1. Hi Sonia,
    I’m planning on doing the Dip Info as well, but I’m still playing around with subject combinations. Which stream are you going to take?

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