A New Student Bar?

With the beloved HJC surrendering their lease at the end of Semester 1, the bar space on Level 1 of Union House is now being used by the Student Union as a communal student lounge, and is looking to be turned into a student-controlled bar/café from February 2016.

Since September 1, the space has been open for use as a student lounge between 9am and 4.30pm, and can be booked by UMSU-affiliated groups for events between 4.30pm and 9pm. They are selling coffee, hot chocolate and tea, and it is a space where you can sit back and relax, play pool or sit outside on the balcony. On Tuesday this week, they were even selling $1 coffees!

Image: UMSU

On the 25th of August, UMSU hosted a Student Forum to discuss potential changes. The meeting stressed that the café and bar should be run by the Union, allowing the student body to make decisions around its use and facilities. Also, it would be of great use to other departments in the Union to use for events and programs, such as theatre groups and various clubs and societies.

The Union is now planning for a permanent space from February 2016, having elected a Steering Committee to oversee the project and monitor and report back to Students’ Council on progress. The committee is opening up a survey to the students to find out more about what they want. You can have your say here about the types of food, drinks, music, events and facilities you’d like to see in the space, and ultimately whether or not you would like a student-run bar.

What do you think?


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