Life after unimelb

Hello strangers! It’s been what, 3 months since I graduated – how crazy’s that? A lot has happened since my unimelb days. So much so, I feel like I’ve grown into a different person.

Who even is this person?

Since graduating from my science degree, I’ve been fortunate to secure a full-time job at Deakin in the International Marketing and Comms team and I’m absolutely loving it! I love the work, I loooove our team…I can’t complain about a thing (but you know, if Deakin had a Carte Crepes or a Prontos equivalent, that’d be nice).

It was hard letting go of unimelb after being so invested in it. But leaving to explore other opportunities turned out to be one the best decisions I’ve made.

My job focuses on recruiting international students through the digital side of things. The work I do involves managing social media, sourcing and publishing stories on our baby blog, running campaigns in our key international markets, creating videos, photographing events etc.

Ermahgerd I have business cards.

Work keeps me on my toes and there’s no ordinary day in the office. One day I’m photographing a festival on campus, the next, I’m travelling to our Warrnambool campus to get footage for a new campaign. Work is pretty exciting and I’m learning so much. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I count my lucky stars everyday.

Working from sunny Warrnambool

Learning how to adult 

Adulting has been a fun and scary ride, full of its own challenges. It’s hard to know what you’re getting yourself into until you’re there living it. But I guess if we know what to expect around every corner, life would be pretty boring.

I was so nervous in the lead up to my first day of work. I was questioning and overthinking everything.

“Will I fit in?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if I’m not good enough?”


I felt like a jaffy all over again…but a jaffy that’s getting paid to go to uni.

It took a few weeks to settle into the 9-5 life (well, our team works 8-4). I wasn’t used to sitting down for long periods of time, nor was I used to driving in everyday. But it took longer for me to find a work-life balance.

Welcome to my 2nd home – the office

Another part of adulting is paying off my HECS (yay, fun, woo). I was always told that when I start working, only a tinsy amount of my pay would go to HECS and that I won’t even notice it.

Well, I noticed it alright.

Verdict on adult life?

Adult life is…kinda nice! In fact – adulting has done wonders to my health. I’m not constantly tired, stressed, or anxious about assignments. And with the spare time I now have, I’ve started investing more care in myself (not sure why I waited till after uni to do that, but better late than never!).

However, the thing I miss most about uni is the social side of things. I miss soaking up the sun on South Lawn, I miss all the free BBQs, and most of all, I miss my uni friends! FOMO syndrome is real.

My next steps

As we’re nearing the end of the year, I’ve been thinking about returning to uni to study. I’ll most likely do a Master of Marketing Communications back at unimelb, or a Graphic Design course at RMIT. Part-time of course.

Part of me is excited at the thought of returning to unimelb to study. But another part of me questions the value of another degree. Am I doing another degree for the sake of having another degree? (If that makes sense?) Or will it be more worthwhile getting work/life experience? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, I’m going to put my applications in and see how I go! Wish me luck.

Enough about me, how are you going?

Is unimelb treating you well? Have you had a good semester? Hope exams and final assessments were kind to you. To those who finished their last exams/assessments for their degree – congratulations!! You should be super proud of yourself.

If you’re feeling anxious about about finishing uni – that’s perfectly normal and I’m sure you’re not the only one. I know I was freaking out about graduating back then.

On the bright side – this is an exciting time of your life because you can choose what you want to and the direction you want to take. So much power!

Anyways, hope you are all well and hope you enjoy a well deserved break!

– Daphane

p.s. You can stay in the loop of my happenings at my new blog.

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