Getting Organised for Uni

What do you do when two people write the same piece? Well, you simply combine them together! Introducing an exclusive collaboration by Makenzie, a BA student recently returned from an exchange in France, and Shannon, another BA student and one of our lovely sub-editors.


It’s that time of the year again. University time. Timetables have been done and we are a mere few days from starting the university year. Every year when week four comes around, the regret kicks in… Why had we not been more organised? And how do those 47 references have no sources, yet again?

So, let’s just not go through that again.

Here’s a short list of things we both believe are important to start thinking about now – a little peer-to-peer motivation never goes astray.



Me time

If you have not already done enough of this (there is never enough), start to factor in the things that you have been waiting and wanting to do, but have never found the time for. Or just do a whole lot of nothing and revel in that.

Do all of the things you’ve been putting off

It might be a good idea to get rid of all those niggly little tasks that you always put off during semester right about now. Lodge your tax return, organise your general life affairs, get a health check-up, sort your banking, service your car, de-clutter and de-horde your house/closet, and donate the things you don’t need.

Establish a study space

This is actually really important. Having a study space (not your bed… ideally) where you can comfortably sit and not get distracted is crucial. The more organised your space is, the less potential stress you open yourself up to. Check out this page for some food for thought.



Know the campus

If you are a newbie this year, or just taking a random breadth subject in a new faculty, take time to explore our beautiful campus so you aren’t 20 minutes late to your first class. Even better, know which campus café will fulfil get you your coffee fix, and do it damn well! This way you will never be disappointed by your crappy almond milk decaf latté.

What do I have to do, and when?

Get up close and personal with your uni calendar. Mark important dates to make yourself feel like you are ready for the exam period and assignments. Also, get on a stationery level. Stock up on cool, inspiring stationery to kick start your semester.


Look up and read about your subjects. It may seem silly, but actually read the syllabus and know the names of the coordinators of the subjects you want to take. Also, get to know your library. Go in and have a look around. Suss out the best study spots, the secret corners and the frequently available spots so when it becomes to study time you know where to knuckle down and kick some uni goals.

Are you taking the right subjects/meeting the requirements to graduate?

It doesn’t really matter if you take your subjects in a jumbled order, just as long as you are getting the right ones done! Chat to a careers advisor at Stop 1 or check out ask.unimelb, and try to avoid the first-week rush.



  • Pre-cook some meals and freeze them. Writing an assignment? Can’t be bothered cooking? Well, that Spag Bol is just waiting for you in the freezer. Dinner is served, you’re welcome.
  • Do a little bit of research on the actual content of your subjects. Pre-researching a subject can be a good idea if you want to be ahead of the class and on top of assignments, and it allows for enough time for decent proof-reading and editing.


Start thinking about how you can put yourself in a position that makes this semester as hassle-free as possible!

– Makenzie and Shannon



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