On Study and Juice: the PASS Program

Caitlin is a third year BA student, majoring in Creative Writing and English. She enjoys drinking tea from bowls and writing down snippets of strangers’ conversations in her little black notebook.

Hello! I’m Caitlin, and I’m a 2016 PASS Leader for Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice.

If you keep your eyes peeled and your Facebook feed refreshed, you might see me say that on the PASS promo video sometime this week. I don’t know if I’ll make the cut – I think maybe I blinked too many times.

You can’t blink too many times in an article though, so here’s some info from me about Peer Assisted Study Sessions in 2016:

You know how when you buy a Boost juice, you can get those little superbooster things? Superfruit, protein, immunity, only one more dollar each?

Okay, so in this metaphor the Boost juice is just your regular, run-of-the-mill study session. The superboost is where PASS comes in. PASS injects a superboost into your study session juice in the form of a high achieving student from the year before, who facilitates the sessions. And there’s no extra dollar – they’re free as a tram ride entirely within the limits of the Free Tram Zone.


The sessions are informal and collaborative. You can share study techniques, expand on discussions from tutes, review readings, discuss key course concepts, prepare for assessments and meet like-minded peers.

A very fun fact: students who attend PASS are consistently shown to produce higher results than those who do not attend! This is good news for you if you are doing one of the subjects below and want to super-charge your marks.

The subjects offering PASS this semester are:

• INTS10001 International Politics
• FREN10004 French 1
• CWRI10001 Creative Writing: Ideas & Practice
• GERM10004 German 1
• GERM10001/GERM20004 German 3
• MULT10018 Power
• ENGL30046 Romancing the Medieval
• MULT10014 Identity
• SOCI20007 Terrorism: Shifting Paradigms
• ANCW10001 Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
• ANCW20015 Classical Mythology
• ENGL10002 Literature and Performance
• CRIM30011 Young People, Crime and Justice
• SOLS10001 Law in Society


If you’d like to come to some or all of the sessions, there’s no need to register – just rock up! Sessions start in Week 2. The schedule will be out soon – keep checking the PASS in the Faculty of Arts Facebook page for updates. Also keep your eyes and ears out at the start of your lectures and tutes this week, as PASS Leaders for your subject will be coming around to give their sessions a plug.

And if you are doing Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice this semester, maybe I’ll see you at a session. Get ready for lots of poetry and sugar (the ultimate combination).

– Caitlin

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