Who are Academic Skills?

Sonia is currently a second year Arts student with a double major of Media and Communications and Psychology. She loves the outdoors and has a passion for photography.

Five weeks in and feeling out of academic shape?

Whether you’re a first year or a third year, it happens to all of us. Luckily, Academic Skills are there to help. Think of this department as the gym for your academic fitness, except there is no membership, and it’s free.


Now you’re probably asking, how could they possibly help me?

Whether you have time to pop by or not, Academic Skills can help. There are three different avenues available including online resources, workshops and consultations.


The online resource pages have really helpful documents relating to everything from taking notes to time management. They are broken down into step-by-step sections, helping you improve on your weaknesses in that particular area. Examples include “Top Ten Tips for First Years” and “Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism”.

You can find resources for undergraduates here.

You can find resources for postgraduates here.


Run on a weekly basis, the workshops cover a range of topics. By attending them, you can get practical experience on the spot, just like in a tutorial. A concept might be explained and then activities are set to put that theory into practice.

You can book via the Student Advising System, under the events tab.

Some of the workshops currently on offer include topics such as how to manage your time and tasks and how to speak clearly (covering stress patterns in words and sentences).


Have you written an assignment but you’re not feeling one-hundred per cent about submission?

If this is you, you can consider booking an individual consultation with an Academic Skills advisor to look over your work. They can’t give specific advice on content, but they can have a look over your writing in relation to academic style, including expression and referencing. While it might not seem like much, sometimes the readability of your work can be the difference between an H2A and an H1. However, be sure to use these consultations wisely – you are allowed four per semester, each lasting 25 minutes.

You can also book via the Student Advising System. Academic Skills have created a video tutorial on how to do this. You can watch it here.

Hopefully now that you know who Academic Skills are, you can get help if you need it.



– Sonia

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