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Nicole is one of the staff writers for Unimelb Adventures. She is in second year, doing a Bachelor of Music, specialising in Performance and majoring in Piano. She loves keeping herself fit by swimming and going out on adventure walks!

During Week 3, I had my third Student Connect appointment with the same adviser. I simply love using this student service – it is one of my favourites  for students at Melbourne Uni! You may think it is a jaffy thing just for first years, but I actually think all students should go.

Here are my seven reasons why you should make an appointment with Student Connect:


1. Advisers make you aware of your personal or study goals

This is what keeps me coming back to Student Connect time after time, as they inform you of what you need to do for each semester. They may also let you type up your goals and responses to questions they ask you during your appointment.


2. Advisers will guide you to student services relating to your goals, concerns and enquires about uni

Say you’re worried about not having great time management skills, or are concerned that you’ll burn out. Don’t worry! Student Connect advisers can point you to time management resources provided by Academic Skills services for Melbourne Uni students. For me, it felt like I was on a magic carpet flying to somewhere good. I learned that there are such services out there that will help you be a successful student in your studies!


3. Advisers are super friendly, encouraging and helpful people

Ever since my first Student Connect appointment, I have stuck with the same adviser. My adviser is so nice and encouraging about my academic concerns, for instance. This makes me feel pretty motivated. Plus, it feels like they are my mentor and friend as I have a chat with them about uni, or even about things that don’t relate to uni at all!


4. You’ll feel like you’ve got your sh*t together and be motivated

After writing down your goals, concerns and questions you need answered on the day, you will feel like you’ve got your sh*t together. Following my Student Connect appointment, I feel motivated and want to take charge of making a difference for myself. For example, I had a chat about time management and that made me think, ‘Yeah! I I’m ready to take this on and get all dem H1s!’

As you can probably tell by now, I always talk about time management skills, because my course is intense and I find I still need guidance in that. I may be organised, but I’m not quite perfect yet!


5. In follow-up appointments, you can discuss the things that worked or didn’t work

When my Student Connect adviser asked how my semester went, I could talk about what worked and what what didn’t work. It makes me talk about the problems and issues I have had during a semester, which always makes me elaborate and think about what I could do better!


6. You’ll get a copy of what you discussed during your appointment, via your uni email address

After your student connect appointment, you will be emailed a Student Connect action plan covering what you discussed during your appointment. You’ll also get additional links to those services that your adviser linked you to. The action plans are super handy, and I refer back to them after my appointment to know more about the services that are available at uni.


7. Time slots are flexible and range from 8:30am till 5:30pm

Ah, so flexible – that it is handy for a busy student like me! Make sure you book it a week in advance to get a suitable appointment time that works for you.

Got a lot of last-minute study you need to do? Got a family emergency? Well, you can cancel up until a few hours before your appointment. Just try not to cancel at the last minute though. I did that this semester, which made my Student Connect adviser sad… Twice. Ah! I felt so bad for rescheduling last minute. I’m super thankful that my adviser was really understanding and patient!


– Nicole

3 thoughts on “Student Complete when Connected

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Nicole! I didn’t realise Student Connect is for all students – I was under the impression it was only for first years, but I’ll definitely be looking into this service in the coming weeks :)

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! Student Connect is always open for all students, including those who are doing their masters, for instance! Glad you enjoyed my blog post! :)

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