Need a new study spot? A guide to the Lenton Parr Music Library

Located on the first floor of the HUB Building at the VCA campus (Southbank), music students like myself enjoy using the Lenton Parr Library! I am super hyped to be telling you guys about this library, as this is the first time it’s being featured on the blog.

You can enter the library via the first floor of the HUB Building (VCA Campus)

Here are ten reasons why Lenton Parr is one of my favourite libraries at the University of Melbourne, and why I recommend it as a study spot.

1.It’s quiet, and peaceful

It is way more peaceful than the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library in the Eastern Resource Centre (Level 2), and I just love this. There are windows to see the scenery, comfy seats, and power cords. It’s such a chilled area, small and quiet. I feel it’s a special little gem to me, as a music student. According to the gossip around VCA and at the Con (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), Lennon Parr will be expanded in the near future, and combined with the Louise Hanson-Dyer section of the ERC!

Scenery + comfy seats + nice tables = ooh!

2. Specialised music librarians…

… that are always there!

I know the ERC has music librarians, but often there are only general librarians working at the front desk. Whenever I go to the ERC to find a music resource, I’ve found that asking a general librarian may be a longer process, as they may have to email a music librarian for clarification.  Of course, they are more than happy to find any resource for you, regardless of what they specialise or are trained in. We, as music students, always have patience with them. But it is helpful to know that there are specialised music librarians at Lenton Parr when you need a resource, such as a score, quickly.

3.Somebody borrowed what you need at Louise Hanson-Dyer? You can go to Lenton Parr!

Even though it takes about half an hour by tram (just alight at ‘Arts Precinct’), the trip will be worth it when you find an extra copy of a resource. Heck, no one even goes there, so there’s always an extra copy… unless somebody borrowed it in desperate need at Lenton Parr. Booo!

4.Avaliable seats to study

Again, it’s VCA. If I was at Parkville and I couldn’t find a seat at any library or study space,  I would definitely go to Lenton Parr to study. Again, it takes half an hour to go there, but there’s always a free seat – a treasured rarity during SWOTVAC! There are also study rooms you can book! All of the rooms are media rooms, but two of them have a table and seats as well for studying.

5. Media rooms

When I was at VCA trying to find a working power cord last week, I discovered that two of the study/media rooms had bean bags, TV, DVD players and nice couches. I was AMAZED by this at Lenton Parr. You can book one of these media rooms using the booking system. Remember to book in advance to avoid missing out.

6. Additional resources

It can be a little annoying if a resource you need is at another campus. But when you get it, it’s so satisfying, and it’s a little special when you finally get your hands on it. One time, I had to go to VCA to check out a specific music theory book that my Aural Studies 1 tutor told me to borrow. When I borrowed and had a read of it, it was amazing and easy to read. Truly worth the trip from Parkville to Southbank!

7. Listening Rooms

There’s a room that is dedicated to listening to vinyl records, or CDs, and no one even goes there. I think it is pretty cool that they have these things, especially for Fine Arts students.

listening room.jpg
The ‘Listening Rooms’ are really helpful for Fine Arts students.

8. Additional magazines, CDs, vinyl records, and fine arts resources

When I was looking out for extra resources for one of my music history subjects, there were fine arts resources at Lenton Parr that looked interesting to read. I wished I could have read them, but I had to focus on my research. There were also magazines, DVDs, loads of CDs and vinyl records that were cool to check out.

much resource
Never short on resources.

9.Academic support

There are also iTute (individual tutorial) services catered towards music and fine arts students. These are also iTutes at the Parkville campus, which I’ve heard are superb – but just letting you know that they are also offered at the VCA!

I haven’t had an iTute service yet, mainly because I was hesitant to use it all at once (a maximum of four appointments per semester). Silly first year thinking! This year, I’m willing to use them when I write my research essay, which is worth most of my total mark in Music History 2: 19th Century Music and Ideas.

So many cool things to check out, especially for music students.

10. Small library = super win when needing help

Compared to a huge library with multiple floors, you can easily get help at the front desk, since there aren’t usually many people around. The staff can help you in a tick, whether you need help finding a DVD, scores, or anything! Also, the coding system for finding scores could get a little complicated. So having their help that is reliable, easy to ask for and readily available, makes your life easier!

A quiet and peaceful library!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I recommend checking out the Lenton Parr library as a study space the pre-exam period!




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