15 People You Meet at the End of Semester

The end of semester is nigh, and with that comes the crushing realisation that exams are on the horizon.

Here are some fellow students you might bump into while studying/crying/lying there silently.

1) The Silent Sufferer

Silently lamenting the approaching exam period, may not respond to jokes or remarks about Swotvac.


2) The ‘holy-crap-do-you-know-exams-are-coming-holy-sweet-mother-of-god-help’ Guy

The opposite of the Silent Sufferer. Will spend all their time freaking out about the looming exam period rather than actually studying. Good to talk to if you want to vent your similar emotions.


3) The Diligent Student

Rare, may be seen in the far depths of the silent study area of the library preparing study notes that put yours to shame. Or they are probably at home keeping away from the madness.


4) The Need to Catch Up With Everything

Has not attended a lecture all semester, and has plans to cram 40 hours of lecture content into one weekend. May ask you what the subject is even called.


5) The Person who Gave up in Week 5

No longer has any feelings about exams.


6) The Emotional Train Wreck

Tears of deep sorrow for the coming weeks are a common occurrence. Give them a hug.


7) The Lost Cause

Will probably offer you a drink.


8) The Competitive One

Solely focused on getting a H1, even if it comes at the cost of everyone else. May scream at you if you ask to look at their notes or chew too loudly in the library.


9) The Chilled Out Student

Has absolutely no qualms about the end of semester. Studies occasionally and offers offhand reassurance. Will probably ace the exam. Also rare.


10) The Runaway

Falls off the face of the planet only to reemerge at the end of the exam period.


11) The One Who is Always On Edge

Probably in their final semester or trying to get into Med School.


12) The Person Who Goes to the Library to Sleep

Claims they spent 12+ hours studying at the library (probably Giblen Eunsen in those comfy chairs) but really slept for most of it.


13) The Caffeine Addict

Has not eaten for 43 hours but has consumed enough coffee to put three people into cardiac arrest. May twitch compulsively/run faster than the speed of light.


14) Your New Best Friend

A random person from your class who suddenly wants to plan study sessions with you, but really just wants to photocopy your notes.


15) Your Actual Best Friend

Brings coffee to your study area without even asking. All round champion.


Good luck for exams!

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