Five Reasons You Should Study Breadth at the VCA

Rosemary is currently in her second year of her Bachelor of Music and is hoping to graduate as a music therapist. She is currently building up her cat collection and spends time with her kid at the park when she’s not collecting cats.

Ah, the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) on Southbank campus, otherwise known as the campus that’s regularly forgotten about. Sure, it’s well recognised in comparison to the Dookie Campus, but not enough so other students know what it has to offer. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Music and wanted a group outside the traditional Western music ensemble. However, I also play piano which is one of the largest co-horts. Sadly there’s not many opportunities, with only two ensembles that can accommodate us. When I had the tedious experience of applying for my elective at the VCA through the Student Centre, I realised that if it’s not on my study planner, how many other people are missing out, including other Bachelor of Music students? So here’s my list of reasons why you should study at a campus with $3 coffees (which is already a reason on its own!).

Credit: Rosemary, author's own image.
VCA extends beyond the courtyard


Whether you’ve had a soft spot for drama, screenwriting, film, visual arts, visual design or music, VCA is the place for you. After scrolling through the list on the handbook, I realised there’s over fifty breadth opportunities across all areas of creative arts at the Southbank campus.

2. Their quick response to administration issues.

If you’re thinking it’s too much of a hassle to deal with University administration outside of Parkville campus, I can assure you that Southbank campus administration is fantastic. After a week of dealing with the Student Centre, I sent an email and within a day, I was enrolled and registered before the semester commenced. They also offered to send resources if I wasn’t enrolled in time and genuinely wanted to help me out.

3. Walking to Southbank campus is enjoyable.


If you’re like me, the word exercise does not exist in your vocabulary. However, why catch a tram when you can go through the Southbank exit at Flinders Street Station for a morning walk? Despite having to dodge traffic because it’s like a miniature version of Sydney, I have found so many cafes in places I would otherwise have never looked. You can also catch Tram 1 which takes an alternate route to the other side of the VCA. This is where I discovered that the VCA extends beyond the main VCA courtyard, onto a street near the Southbank Theatre (the VCA’s very own theatre).

4. Discover new events.

Every time I travel down to the VCA, I’m always finding new upcoming events happening both at the University and around entertainment venues in the CBD and Southbank. Their cafeteria tables are covered in pamphlets ranging from musical recitals to theatre productions across Melbourne. You will most likely leave with at least ten pamphlets, wondering if you can actually afford any of the events advertised or how many trees you just picked up.


Credit: Nicole Ng
Lenton Parr Library

Behold the Lenton-Parr Library. It’s so quiet and there’s actually space! Other benefits include being able to browse a tonne of cheesy 80s movies, borrow music scores which aren’t at the Louise Hanson Dyer library and log on to a computer without someone booking it within the next ten minutes.


Whether you’re into laid-back teachers who encourage you to strive in every aspect of your degree, enjoy the company of those who enjoy striking up a conversation, want to join one of their HECS debt protests, or love seeing some of the hit and miss haircuts on university students, I can guarantee the VCA has something for everyone!

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