Your Guide to Arts West

Alain Nguyen is a first year student who spends too much time at uni and has called it home. When he’s not at uni he’s probably eating somewhere in some alleyway café or slowly working towards getting his P’s.

Over the past semester, you may have noticed a big metal structure being built next to the Baillieu Library. Older students will remember the “old” Arts West that was knocked down… But lo and behold we now have a “new” Arts West! The following is a guide for everyone who has classes there or wants a new place to study and chill at uni.

Classes have started but the official opening isn’t until September. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enter. The building has six floors plus a basement lecture theatre (Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre) that has been retained from the old Arts West. Let’s begin the guide from there.

The lecture theatre has been refurbished and now sports a nice orange glow to it. It is the largest lecture theatre in the uni with a whopping 506 seats. There are also toilets and vending machines located down there.


The Atrium or Ground Floor is the main place where people will probably meet up. There are study areas, a student kitchen, the M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Student Society) office and rows of safe laptop/phone charging lockers that are free to access for now. There is also the Arts West gallery which hasn’t opened yet.

ground floor

The First Floor houses the Forum Theatre, some teaching rooms and study tables (one by the stairs and another next to the theatre).

first floor

The Second Floor has more teaching rooms, some “object rooms”, the media laband more study areas. However, the most striking feature of this floor is that there are beanbags! A great place to do some readings (read: sleep!).

second floor

The Third Floor has more study tables (again power-point friendly), an “interactive cinema space”, and more teaching rooms.

third floor

The Fourth Floor is similar to the other floors but is also where the Faculty of Arts’ School of Historical and Philosophical Studies is located. There is a great study area that has a Be quick to grab that spot!

fourth floor

The Fifth Floor has the research lounge and the West Terrace. At this point, it is unknown if these areas will be restricted but for now there are couches and a kitchenette for your needs. Outside, there is a great view of the uni and beyond. There is a small garden, some chairs and tables but it can get really cold out there.

fifth floor

The Sixth Floor houses mainly academic staff offices.

All floors connect to the “North Wing” where there are offices and spaces used by the university. Another notable feature of the Arts West building is the way classrooms are laid out. Some are sleek and modern forms of the tutorial room with heating, natural lighting and swivel chairs. These are called Project Rooms or Collaborative Learning Rooms.

In addition, there are the “Lectorial” spaces which are like a hybrid of tutorial rooms and lecture theatres. On one final note, scattered throughout the building are, standing work spaces that all have power-points with them  if you are in a hurry or need it for your posture.

arts west

Now that you’ve got a basic outline of the Arts West building, let us know what you think of the new building. Will you be visiting it?


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