Stress-Free Study Breaks

Taking proper study breaks is important. Taking 5 minutes to drink a coffee and stress about your workload is not going to help you at all. Your breaks should be regular stress-releases. Here are some simple ideas for breaks of all lengths.

  1. If you’ve only got 30 seconds

    • Look at pictures of cats/dogs/ducks/llamas/baby donkeys.
    • Look at something far away. This is very good for your eyes after reading for a long time.
    • Say three nice things about yourself.
  2. If you’ve only got one minute

    • Stand up and stretch your neck & shoulders
    • Go get some water. Staying hydrated is very important
    • Make sure you’ve re-enrolled if you’re coming back to uni in 2017. This one isn’t exactly stress-free, but it is very important.
    • Figure out if you need anything from the supermarket to make dinner.
  3. If you’ve got five minutes

    • Learn to make a lucky star
    • Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. Participate in the mandatory sing-along.
      200 (17).gif
    • Meditate. Apps like smiling mind and headspace are a great start.
    • Walk to a new study spot. Changing up your study location can help you focus
  4. If you’ve got 10 minutes

    • Try geoguessr. You’re shown a random location in google street view and the aim is to figure out where it is
    • Put on a load of laundry
    • Try something new with your hair
    • Solo dance party
  5. If you’ve got 15 minutes

    • Learn something new on youtube. Music, art, language – there is a tutorial for everything.
    • Plan a holiday with Sygic.
    • Go for a walk – even if it’s just around the block.
  6. If you’ve got 20 minutes

    • Make a study playlist
    • Make snacks
    • Go to a cafe for coffee
    • Chat to a friend about something that isn’t study
    • Watch some Bob Ross.

Happy Studying!

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Jacky is in her sixth year at Melbourne Uni which makes her feel old. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2013, majoring in Criminology and Creative Writing before moving on to the JD. Jacky spent three years living in college but now resides in the law library. Please send coffee.

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