Stress-Free Study Breaks

Taking proper study breaks is important. Taking 5 minutes to drink a coffee and stress about your workload is not going to help you at all. Your breaks should be regular stress-releases. Here are some simple ideas for breaks of all lengths.

  1. If you’ve only got 30 seconds

    • Look at pictures of cats/dogs/ducks/llamas/baby donkeys.
    • Look at something far away. This is very good for your eyes after reading for a long time.
    • Say three nice things about yourself.
  2. If you’ve only got one minute

    • Stand up and stretch your neck & shoulders
    • Go get some water. Staying hydrated is very important
    • Make sure you’ve re-enrolled if you’re coming back to uni in 2017. This one isn’t exactly stress-free, but it is very important.
    • Figure out if you need anything from the supermarket to make dinner.
  3. If you’ve got five minutes

    • Learn to make a lucky star
    • Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. Participate in the mandatory sing-along.
      200 (17).gif
    • Meditate. Apps like smiling mind and headspace are a great start.
    • Walk to a new study spot. Changing up your study location can help you focus
  4. If you’ve got 10 minutes

    • Try geoguessr. You’re shown a random location in google street view and the aim is to figure out where it is
    • Put on a load of laundry
    • Try something new with your hair
    • Solo dance party
  5. If you’ve got 15 minutes

    • Learn something new on youtube. Music, art, language – there is a tutorial for everything.
    • Plan a holiday with Sygic.
    • Go for a walk – even if it’s just around the block.
  6. If you’ve got 20 minutes

    • Make a study playlist
    • Make snacks
    • Go to a cafe for coffee
    • Chat to a friend about something that isn’t study
    • Watch some Bob Ross.

Happy Studying!

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