Best Places to Study Outside Uni

Alain Nguyen is a first year student who spends too much time at uni and has called it home. When he’s not at uni he’s probably eating somewhere in some alleyway cafe or slowly working towards getting his P’s.

So it’s exam time and you seem to spend more time trying to find a free seat in the Baillieu or the Giblin than you are studying for your exams and you don’t know what to do about it. Fret not because here are some places OUTSIDE of uni for you to study! And besides, it’s bad to live at uni.

Source: Mohammed @ Monash Stalkerspace, via The University of Melbourne Confession (Facebook)

  1. State Library

An easy start to a list of places to study is the State Library opposite Melbourne Central. The place is massive and has an abundant number of power points for you to study. If you want more quiet places at the Library, head to the Redmond Barry (yes, one and the same) Reading Room, the La Trobe Reading Room and the Chess Room (however it can get noisy there). A word of warning: come early to grab a spot as it can get full with high school students and other uni students.

Source: By Diliff (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  1. City Library

There actually lies a library on Flinders Lane between the chaos of Degraves St and Centre Place. The City of Melbourne library is small but it’s cozy and quiet enough for you to study. Like any other public place in the world, it can get full and a bit noisy if someone decides to play the random piano there.

  1. Any Cafe on Degraves St or in Melbourne

If you don’t mind noise and on the off chance that the City Library is full, head to any of the cafes on offer around the area and you can grab a bite to eat and study at the same time. Double check on the Wifi however.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

  1. Library at the Dock

There is another City of Melbourne library in Docklands and it’s modern, clean and has nice views to procrastinate while you’re studying. It’s a bit further out but still worth a visit.

  1. RMIT University

Yes, RMIT is on this list because it is literally on UniMelb’s doorstep. Building 80 is particularly nice and modern and has a lot of floors for you to find places to study. If you don’t flash your Student ID or anything UniMelb related you’ll be fine and can blend in with the students there.

  1. Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre

Across the tram stop on Faraday St is the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, which is a gem hidden in plain sight. The place recently underwent a $15.5 million restoration, so make full use of the changes.

Source: City of Melbourne

  1. Parks (and Recreation)

If South Lawn is full then why not head to the many parks around the city? There’s Argyle Square, the Botanical Gardens, Birrarung Marr and the Yarra River. You could even have a picnic! The only drawback with studying outdoors in Melbourne is the weather, so bring an umbrella.

There are probably many other places in the city you could study that aren’t a library or cafe. I personally study in parks or train stations. Let us know if you know a hidden study gem in the city or somewhere to procrastinate!

– Alain

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