Orientation and SummerFest: What’s On?

Sam is a final year Master of Publishing and Communications student who loves to watch soccer and cycling, read books, bake cakes and knit jumpers.

New to the Uni and wondering what to expect during the next couple of weeks of Orientation before first semester kicks off? Fear not! Here’s a rundown of some of the top events coming up.

Carnival day

Tuesday 21 February

Carnival day marks the start of SummerFest, the University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) way of not only welcoming you, but also introducing you to university life. South Lawn will be filled with games, giveaways, food and live entertainment put on by your fellow students! To help you familiarise yourself with some of the essentials, there will also be stalls with info about the services that UMSU and the rest of the Uni offer to students.


Host campus tours

Tuesday 21 February

Coinciding with Carnival Day, there will also be campus tours run by volunteer student hosts. This is a great way to learn a bit about the campus itself and get your bearings before semester starts. More importantly, you can meet people and make some friends within your faculty!

Your student host should be in touch with you beforehand, but if you can’t find them on the day just join any group being led by students in purple T-shirts carrying balloons.

Clubs days

Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23 February

Did you know the Uni has more than 200 student clubs and societies? There’s a club for almost every (obscure) interest imaginable, ranging from languages to anime, and from political activism to surfing. Head over to South Lawn for one of the two clubs days and see what takes your fancy! While you’re there, sign up to clubs, score a few freebies and make new friends.


Orientation info sessions

Through its Orientation program, the Uni is currently offering useful sessions on a range of topics including study, living, health, career and student services. Whether you’re an undergrad or a postgrad student, consider heading along to some of these events to stay on top of your life admin and learn some useful strategies for a great start to your academic year!

– Sam

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