How to Get Involved at Uni

Alain Nguyen is a second year student who spends too much time at Uni and has called it home. When he’s not at Uni, he’s a wannabe photographer and is still trying to get his Ps.

So you’re sitting down having a coffee and you have a five hour gap until your next lecture. You wonder to yourself, ‘How do I kill time without studying?’ as is the life of a university student. There are many opportunities for you to get involved with Uni and boost that resume of yours for when you go out into the real world to look for a job.

Clubs and Societies

This one is probably no stranger to anyone. There are over 200 clubs at the University of Melbourne that run a variety of academic, cultural and social events to suit everyone’s needs. Many events will give you free food for your troubles and you’ll never go hungry! From clubs that appreciate dogs to volunteering groups, there is surely something for everyone.


If you want to take a step further and be behind the scenes running operations, you can always run for a position at an annual general meeting (AGM) or special general meeting (SGM). Alternatively, just email the club and see if they have anything available.

The University of Melbourne Student Union

The Student Union (UMSU) not only offers cheap movie tickets and free BBQs, but also has many programs that you can get involved with: Host Program, VCE Summer School, Destination Melbourne and the Union House Theatre, to name just a few. Departments also host their own collectives, so it’s worth emailing the office bearers for more info. The student magazine, Farrago, also welcomes writers pitching their work or ideas to them. Finally, if it’s something you would consider, you can even run for student politics in September.


The University

UniMelb is a large place and there are many paid and unpaid opportunities available to students. One of the most popular is Open Day, where current students inform prospective students and their parents about what life at the University is like. There are also faculty specific programs such as demonstrators in the Faculty of Science. Careers Online is a great resource. The UniMelb-only directory lists opportunities from internships to volunteering placements. It even has a calendar for events that can help you find a career, such as resume boosting and how to network. Also, a program called Students@Work provides on-campus opportunities. If you’re at the point where you’re doing a postgraduate degree, you can even apply to be a tutor!


Beyond the University

Melbourne is a big city! There are many places to volunteer or work. You just have to look!

– Alain

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