21 things that students wish were illegal around campus at the University of Melbourne

Aidan is an Italian Honours student at the University of Melbourne and one of our sub-editors here at Unimelb Adventures. When he’s not studying (i.e. struggling to write his thesis) in the Baillieu library, you’ll find him taking photographs around Melbourne or learning another foreign language.


Every student has his or her pet peeves about the things that happen around campus. Whilst we usually bite our tongues and ignore the aggravating habits of a few, given the opportunity, the Unimelb Adventures community has spoken out and listed the things they wished were illegal (or just found incredibly annoying) around campus at the University of Melbourne.

Here are the top 21 things that the Unimelb Adventures community came up with, accompanied by what is probably your GIF limit for the week.


1. Walking up the left side of the stairs in the Baillieu library when there’s clearly marked sign that says ‘Stick to the right’!


2. Leaving your stuff on desks to ‘reserve’ it in the library during SWOTVAC (for more that 10 minutes)

giphy (1)

3.  Library renovations during semester #Baillieulibrary

giphy (9)

4. Eating any kind of loud or strong-smelling food in libraries and study spaces


5. Unrecorded lectures

giphy (3)

6. Two exams on the same day, or four in same number of days


7. Being harassed by hundreds of student politicians during student elections


8. Not being able to gain access to the Baillieu library without fighting your way through a group of activists daily

giphy (1)

9. Or Union House as people at Boost have no idea how to form an orderly line.

giphy (4)

10. Tutors who never respond to emails


11. The cost of textbooks, even with the Co-op discount #Ididntneedmyotherkidneyanyway

giphy (6)

12. Taking the lift to the second (i.e. first) level in Redmond Barry

giphy (7)

13. Being forced to take the stairs to level 10 to make it to your tutorial on time as the aforementioned ‘people’ unnecessarily use the lift in Redmond Barry


14. 9am classes. Or even worse, 8am classes

giphy (8)

15. When people book study rooms just to hang out with their friends

giphy (11)

16. Tourists blocking your path around old quad

giphy (10)

17. Anyone walking at 0.01km/h and blocking your path when you’re running late for a tutorial

giphy (5)

18. Car parking costs (and the lack of free parking available)


19. Group assignments


20. Students from the next lecture barging in before the previous group has a chance to leave


21. Being denied a free end-of-exam crêpe at Carte Crêpes because you only chose subjects with take-home exams

giphy (2)
Have we missed something? Let us know about some of the things that annoy you most on campus by commenting below!

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