Not Liking Your Course? Time For A New Start

Chris is a second-year Arts student, majoring in Media & Communications and Politics & International Studies. He spends his free time cooking up a storm and wondering if that photo really is worth an insta.

Transferring from my original undergraduate course was the best decision I ever made. I’m now studying subjects I truly love and gaining skills in areas I know I’m truly passionate about. If you’re discontented with your course, it may well be worth your while looking to transfer to something more exciting – not only to ensure you enjoy your time at uni, but also to better direct your future.

When you first applied to any Victorian university, you would’ve filled out a VTAC application – I know, ew, but don’t run away just yet. VTAC is your friend if you’re looking to switch into another course, be that to a different Unimelb course, from a different uni to Unimelb or vice versa. So, if you’re planning to switch to something new, here are the steps you should take to make sure it all goes smoothly.

1. Weigh up where you want to go

This one might sound a bit weird, but it’s the most important thing you can do. You’ll definitely want to avoid changing just because you don’t like some of your current subjects or are a little bored. Make sure you compare the benefits and costs of leaving your current course with those of entering the new course to ensure you’re thinking it all the way through. It might also help to speak to some current students in the course to see what they think of it. If, when all is said and done, you’re certain you want to switch, then wooo! Time for VTAC!

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2. Fire up the ol’ VTAC

If you still know your VTAC login details from your past application, then you’re all set to log in. If not, you’ll need to make a new account. Either way you’ll have to give a full study history – this means you’ll need to add in any study you’ve undertaken, even if it’s incomplete, since you last used your VTAC account (or put in all your study history, including Year 12, if you’re making a new account). This will generally involve putting in your university student number, so VTAC can verify it’s actually you.

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3. Get preferential!

The process for adding course preferences is pretty straightforward – you search for the course you want and add it to the list. Remember though, there may be certain requirements for some courses if you’re a non-Year 12 student (i.e. have undertaken some study since year 12), so make sure to check those before you add the course. Since you’re transferring to a single course, you’ll most likely have only one course on your list of preferences. But, if you’re still undecided between a few courses, remember that while all courses might wish to offer you a place, you’ll only receive one offer – from the highest ranked offer-granting course in your preferences. So, make sure to put your dream course first!

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4. Ransack your bank account :(

It’s super important to remember to pay your VTAC fees on time. For old accounts this will be a cheaper reactivation fee and for new accounts, a full fee. If you don’t pay that fee by 5pm on 28th September it’ll increase. The absolute latest to pay is 8th December (including an even bigger fee increase). After that, you’ll miss out on your application, and won’t be able to transfer until mid year next year.

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So yeah, it might seem like a bit of work, but trust me, the small hassle of going through these steps to transfer can save you a world of pain by sticking out a course you’re not passionate about. Remember to back yourself, and always do what you love!

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