5 tips for planning your life – from study to sleep

1. Google Calendar is life

I recently made the switch to an online calendar and let me tell you, it has been fab-u-lous. I started out using the calendar app on my iPhone. However, this did not work for me as it was difficult to customise and colour code, and sent too many notifications. I then flirted with a few others that claimed to be ‘the best’ – and finally landed back on the humble Google Calendar.

The main reasons why it works for me:
– The online layout is neat and variable
– There is a free app. This way you will always be able to check what you have scheduled
– The ability to colour-code certain tasks (for example blue is work, yellow is exercise etc.)
– You can share it with others
– You can sync it with your work availability

Source: Chrome Web Store


2. Lists are your best friend

This is for those who have trouble prioritising. Organise your brain space into these four boxes:


Basically you begin with the ‘Important & Urgent’ box, and work your way around to the ‘Not Important & Not Urgent’ box. I often find it difficult to fit any task into the ‘Urgent & Not Important’ box… Watching Bachie perhaps?

Source: Student Edge

Tip: Write this out by hand, it will make you less likely to forget things. If you’re like me, you will probably also want to highlight the tasks in colours which correspond with your Google Calendar.


3. Don’t spend more time planning than doing

This tip is probably the most crucial of them all. Planning should take you no more than 30 minutes. You must NOT spend more time planning than actually doing the things that you have planned.

To save you some time, check out this tumblr page, where you can download exam checklists, monthly planners and more.


4. Take dance breaks!

emma stone dancing.gif
Source: wifflegif


Dance breaks are the best type of study breaks. Get up and get moving for a couple of songs, it will increase your blood flow and mood! My go-to artist for this is Orla Gartland, check her out here!

You can even go as far as playing the same artist when you are studying a certain subject to help recall your information in exams.


5. Sleep your heart out

cat sleeping.gif
Source: Popkey

Seriously, sleep as much as you can.

Figure out when you are most productive and make sure you plan around those times. If you get more done in the morning, then go to bed early. If you get more done at night, let yourself sleep in.

This website counts your sleep cycles and give your times when it is easier for you to wake up: http://sleepyti.me/

Useful for those who struggle to get out of bed on a cold morning!





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