What to wear to uni according to a first year vs. a fifth year

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Ezri (The First Year):

For many of us, university is the first time that we get to pick out our own outfits each day in place of drab school uniforms. Between 8am lectures and working frantically for an assignment due tomorrow, outfits might be the last thing on our minds. But fashion is a great way to express yourself – a  rocking t-shirt that says “Unicorn Hunter” can add an extra kick to your day, and a shirt that states “Eat. Sleep. Anime.” is a fantastic way to strike up a conversation with a potential friend. Especially for us jaffies, it’s worth knowing some hacks about what’s simple yet glam to wear, and what outfit traps to avoid.

Daisy (The Postgrad):

Wear clothes. Seriously. I know you’ve been working on your thesis for 25 hours straight and don’t know what day it is, but your supervisor will be freaked out if you show up in that Pikachu onesie again. Something with minimal coffee stains is a good bet. If you’re totally lost, look at what the youths are wearing and copy them. It’s what I do.

The Early Start


A hoodie never fails in the crisp morning air, as well as being super snuggly and a great way to cover whatever you threw on in the haze of sleep earlier that morning. Pair this with leggings or jeans and you’re all set!


A blanket scarf is a great way to wear a blanket without looking like you literally rolled out of bed.

winter clothes

Cooler Days


  • A woollen sweater with boots is a chill but fabulous way to start the day. Tip: If you have a long day on campus, make sure the boots are wedges and comfortable!
  • Accessorise with practical beanies to keep your head toasty, and mittens to protect those hands you’ll need in the lecture room – there’s nothing worse than having cold hands whilst madly scribbling notes from a lecturer that talks way too fast.


  • I know it’s tempting, but please don’t just put on warm socks under your sandals if you’re not willing to commit to That Look.
  • Beanies are great for pulling down over your eyes. Hide your dark under-eye circles and hide from the world.

Warmer Mornings


  • Jean shorts and a singlet with a cardigan (long or short sleeve) gives an awesome look for walking on campus.
  • A romper or t-shirt and skirt is a lighter option. Summer colours like orange and yellow also add a brighter aspect to the day and make you stand out from the crowd! For a more flowy look, try wearing a casual skirt with a snazzy t-shirt or singlet.
  • Keep in mind: Don’t be afraid to mix and match bright colours or patterns! I find contrasting a deep colour shirt with a plain bottom or vice-versa will always match.


  • Cut the sleeves off your t-shirts! Who needs cute singlets when you can look like that guy that your mom told you to stay away from?
  • Wear red to intimidate your enemies. Pink is cute too.

summer clothes

Days Where You Have A Lot of Classes


  • Since you may be sitting for long hours, comfort is a priority! No matter what the weather outside, lecture halls can also get quite chilly with the air-con blasting, so be sure to have a spare light jacket that fits easily into your bag!
  • It’s all about layers! As mentioned before, temperatures can vary, so wearing a jumper that felt great in the early morning can be the wrong decision when the sun comes out and it’s 30 degrees.


  • What not to wear: an invisibility cloak. Go to your lecture!



  • Though safety is a top priority in the labs, that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t rock an awesome style underneath the lab coat. Of course, let’s not forget how long practicals can be, so make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable for long periods standing up and moving about the lab.
  • Opt for runners/sneakers or comfortable close-toed shoes. There’s nothing worse than being kicked out of a lab for wearing sandals by mistake.
  • Try to keep it less bulky and wear thin layers, or otherwise have heaps of room in your bag to stuff in jackets and jumpers.
  • Pick something with short sleeves, and in general, clothes that have less chance of being a fire hazard!


  • I’m an arts student, what are practicals? Please, somebody give me a job.
  • For critiques and workshopping, wear something with long sleeves on which to wipe your tears.

Final Tips


  • Every night before bed lay out your kick-ass outfit ready for the morning.
  • Check the weather. I find it useful to turn on notifications from a weather app, so I don’t even have to think about checking!
  • Keep in mind what kind of day it will be. Exhibit A: Should you really be wearing those high-heeled boots when you have a full day of walking around the gigantic campus?
  • See what works for you in the mirror beforehand, and don’t sweat the little stuff like accessories, which can make a major difference to your outfit! Most of all, have fun, and relish in the chance to express your true self through what you wear!


  • Copy what Ezri is wearing and try not to panic that you don’t know what’s in style anymore.

About the authors


Ezri is in her first year of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. She enjoy writing about university, fashion, books and some other quirky stuff (yes, she’s referring to her love for many fandoms, including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!)  She consider herself a semi-organised, colourful ambivert that loves to chat with friends as much as sitting down with an awesome book!


29693920_10216409525095008_1133880568_oDaisy is a student in the Masters of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing program and a volunteer at the Book Co-op. She enjoys studying, working out, and screaming into the void.


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