12 thoughts you have while applying for internships*

*as told through GIFs

  1. When your grades are still low, and you have no relevant experience, but you still have to be optimistic
  2. When you need to make yourself look like a decent applicant
  3.  When you stalk other people’s LinkedIn profiles for “inspiration” only to realise that they all have their lives together
  4. When you realise you need to step up your game and get on their level, even though you have no idea how
  5. When the deadline is at 11:59pm and it’s already 11:00
  6. When you thought you aced the online section only to never make it through to interviews
  7. When you thought you aced the interviews only to never make it through to the assessment centre
  8. When you finally get an email, but it starts with “Dear applicant, thank you for your time, however…”
  9. When you laughed at your friend for getting rejected, but then you get rejected hours later
  10. When people keep talking about how many internships are out there even though you still don’t have an offer
  11. When your friends all get rejected as well
  12. If you finally get an internship though…

Best of luck everyone!


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