Club Highlight: The Language Exchange Club

Annyeonghaseyo and hello!

I know how intimidating and time-consuming it can be to learn a new language, but fret not, for the Language Exchange Club (or LEC) is here for all your language needs!

For just $5 a year, they provide weekly classes on languages such as Korean, German and Spanish, to name a few, and you can go to as many classes as you wish since the membership encompasses everything!

Your ‘teachers’ are mostly student volunteers who are either native speakers or super fluent so you’re in good hands. Since they’re pretty informal classes you can expect no homework or group assignments!

I’ve personally been taking the Korean classes with the LEC for a year now, since the start of 2018, and thanks to these classes I’m much more comfortable at speaking as I finally have people to practice with.

I hope the LEC will facilitate your journey just like they did with mine!

Dhira Tjoe is currently studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. She is also a contributor for Unimelb Adventures. You can follow her on Instagram @dhirametta

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