Get a room!

Sarah Lim is a Unimelb Adventures contributor and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Speech Pathology. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahlimsarahlim

Nah, but for real. This semester is passing as fast as the speed of light, and before you know it, the infamous SWOTVAC week will be around the corner. You know the drill: we’ll be dressed in our activewear, rocking up early to a library, and spending the day studying.

Okay, okay, let’s be realistic. You’ll probably spend a good chunk of SWOTVAC chatting with friends, watching lectures you missed at 2x speed, speed cramming, regretting not doing any work during the semester, and/or panicking because everyone else looks like they know what they’re doing.

Regardless, the end goal is to remember a whole semester’s worth of content, and I’m sure we can all appreciate having our own private space for optimal absorption of information.

Introducing, the rooms of Unimelb!

These are rooms that can be booked by students for university-related work such as group projects or personal study. The general rule is that you can book rooms up to two weeks in advance and for periods of 1-2 hours at a time. If you’re not present in your room 10 minutes after the booking time, your reservation may be cancelled to allow other students to make use of the space. So don’t be late!

Here’s a quick crash course for my fellow visual learners:

Head to the Bookit Unimelb website and login with your student details.

Booking Tab: This is the default tab you will be taken to. At the top, you can specify the location, type of room and time.

Quick Booking tab

This tab is made for those who want to book a room pronto. You can specify whether you would like a room now or at a specified time, the location, and the type of room. This is like the Booking tab, but it makes the booking process a tad faster.

My Bookings tab

Once your room is booked, it will show up in the My Bookings tab. Don’t fret if your group mates bail at the last minute or you can’t make it to your booking on time. Through this tab, you can edit your booking for a different time or simply delete your reservation altogether.

For detailed information on the types of rooms and equipment available in each library, check this link out:

*Protip: if you are planning on a huge study sesh with your friends, coordinate your bookings so that each person books 2-hour consecutive slots to get around the individual maximum time slot restriction.

Before you click away, here’s a little joke:

Why did the fungi have to go home?

Because there wasn’t mushroom at uni

Don’t be a fungi and make the trip to uni for nothing. Booking a room gets you a guaranteed study space during the hectic examination period.


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