We are here to help you navigate university life and share our experiences as students with you.

Our team:

  • Editors: Bella Barker and Chris Ebbs
  • Subeditors: Aidan Carter, Liv Drury, Achini Gamaralalage, Chris Girardi and Annie Jiang
  • Writers: Lilian Chan, Carla D’Alessandro, Rosemary Howarth, Cassie Lew, Tessa Marshall, Lara Navarro, Jen Newton, Nicole Ng, Alain Nguyen, Ruby Schofield, Samantha Standfield, Audilia Sujana, and Marilyn Tan

Unimelb Adventures is here thanks to its creator, Daphane! She has since graduated, but all of the team working on the blog now are so appreciative of the hard work she put in and inspiration she provided to us. Thanks Daphane for creating this wonderful resource! We are proud to continue helping our fellow students.

Do you have a post you would like to write for Unimelb Adventures? Send us a pitch in an email to: unimelbadventures@gmail.com!


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