About the Blog

What is Unimelb Adventures?

Unimelb Adventures is a student-run blog about life at The University of Melbourne.

The primary aim of the blog is to help incoming new students adjust to university life. We try to achieve this in several ways.

  • We blog about our time on campus to give them insights into our lives as university students.
  • We share useful tips and advice to help them survive their first year at unimelb. Things like how to register into classes, how to save money around campus etc.
  • We try to keep everyone up to date with the latest happenings on campus so they don’t get fined for not paying their uni fees on time, or so they don’t miss out on social events etc.
  • And so much more.

Unimelb Adventures is an independent blog and is not officially affiliated to the university. It does not receive funding, and is run solely by volunteers.

The backstory

Unimelb Adventures was founded by science student, Daphane Ng, at the end of her first year in 2012.

Starting a blog about her time at university was always on the cards. As she went through her first year, there were so many things she wished someone had told her. Things like the services around campus, tips, important dates, how to enrol into classes, how everything worked etc.

Then, she got a job at uni through Students at Work at the end of first year. She worked at 13 MELB and at the Baldwin Spencer Student Admin over the summer. With this experience and knowledge gained of the university’s administration, she wanted to share what she learned with her other students.

What ultimately made her start the blog was a program called Destination Melbourne (it’s a program for new first year students). She knew she was in a position to help these first years, and the best way was to start this blog so all the information was readily accessible.

So she did.

Click click boom – Unimelb Adventures was born.

Unimelb Adventures’ brag corner

From a blog that started out with the intention for the eyes of approx 50 first years, it has now grown to thousands of fans on Facebook. It averages around 600-1,000 views a day and is read by students, staff, parents, prospective students etc.

Unimelb Adventures has also been mentioned in the media, appearing in The Age, Herald Sun, and in VOICE – a university newspaper.

About the founder

1531827_10202982023330569_239577623_oDaphane (yes it’s spelt that way) recently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Zoology), during which time she practically lived, ate and breathed unimelb (it’s sad, she knows).

Since graduating, Daphane has secured a job at Deakin University as their International Digital Content officer.

She loved to volunteer and get involved with all things at unimelb. She’s been an O Week host, an Open Day guide, an Academic Advice Day guide, a Destination Melbourne host, a VCESS tutor and more.

Daphane was both a student and a staff member at unimelb. As mentioned earlier, she has worked at 13 MELB and at Student Services. She’s worked at the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, and her latest stint was interning with the University’s social media team.

Daphane has studied abroad in Peru and gloats on the time she managed to bring alpacas to uni for her final assignment.


In her spare time she plays dodgeball, she plays in a band, you can find her standing awkwardly in the corner at parties and she admits to walking into an embarrassing large number of automatic doors. You can catch some of her musings on her new blog: https://daphaneng.wordpress.com/

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