Thank you and goodbye

Well folks – that time has arrived. It’s time for me to say goodbye!

Before I go into all the sentimental and sappy farewell bits, let’s talk about a little thing that happened on the weekend.

I finally graduated!

And I didn’t fall up or down the stage. Mission accomplished.

Graduation day wasn’t what I was expecting. It can get stressful when you have a big family accompanying you to your ceremony. The same 10001 questions gets thrown at you even though you’ve meticulously written everything down for your guests. And you find yourself madly multitasking between giving direction to your lost family members on campus while trying to register and get your gown on.

Crazy times.

Getting my gown on at Union House

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The road to graduation

Tomorrow’s the big day! Come 4pm, I’ll be sitting nervously in Wilson Hall, waiting to walk up the stage to collect my degree. But knowing me, I’ll most likely trip walking up the stage. Even though I’ve been anticipating my graduation day for some time now, it still doesn’t feel real. I can’t believe this is all happening!

It’s a strange feeling not being back at uni with everyone this week. I feel like I should be flipping through textbooks, downing sausages on South Lawn, and running around the library trying to find a powerpoint to charge my laptop.

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Join Unimelb Adventures in Semester 2!

It’s the question everyone’s been asking – what’s going to happen to Unimelb Adventures once I graduate?

Well, it’s a great pleasure to announce that I’m handing the reins over to our new editors – Reanna Clark and Travis Lines! They have been fantastic Semester 1 sub-editors, and I’m confident they’ll do a killer job leading the way for Semester 2.

Both Reanna and Travis are in their final year of undergrad – Reanna is an Arts student and Travis is a biomed student. Please be nice to them when I disappear! My last day on the blog will be August 1 – the day of my graduation.

Here’s the extra exciting part – we are now recruiting bloggers to join our family in Semester 2!

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Not happy with your exam results?

So you’ve put in all that work, only to be rewarded with a measly mark – gah!

It sucks to get a mark that doesn’t represent the work and effort you’ve put in for the subject, and we’ve all been there before.

In between yelling profanities at your computer and fighting the temptation to rage quit uni, you can do something about this. This post will go through the steps you can take to do something about those unhappy results.

Just FYI – This post has been vetted by the 13 MELB folks and the information below is accurate as of Wed 8 July.

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How do I check my results?

Don’t panic, but results have started to trickle out.

Do bear in mind that results are not finalised until after 3pm, Friday 10 July. Most results tend to stay the same once uploaded on the portal. However, marks do change on rare occasions.

For example – this one time in second year, my subject score dropped by 9 marks because there was a ‘misalignment’ in the excel spreadsheet with the results (Goodbye H1). There was also another time when I got an addition marks to my score – win!

My one piece of advice would be to check your results with a grain of salt.

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I lost something on campus! Help!

We all misplace things from time to time, but what happens if you lose something on campus? Where you begin your search? Who should you talk to?

Fear not for there is a glimpse of hope to be reunited with your missing belongings (*fingers crossed*).

There are many places around campus that hang on to lost property. So, here’s are some places where you can kickstart your search.

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How do I book a study room at a library?

Possibly one of THE most irritating things is when people ‘reserve’ a table at libraries by leaving their pens and books around. Instead of doing that, why not book a study room at a library?

Study rooms in libraries can be booked through the ‘BookIt‘ system, and these rooms are perfect for study groups. You can also use this system to book computers and scanners.

The best part of it all is that it’s really easy and quick to book study rooms/computers, and it’s all done online. In saying that, the system is definitely not mobile friendly. So it’s best to use the system on a desktop.

Here’s how you can book a study room.

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Let the countdown begin

It’s surreal to think there’s only one week of semester left. Which means, one week of undergrad left for me (yikes!).

I received my provisional invitation to graduate last week, and that’s when another wave of reality smacked me in the face. It’s all really happening!


Although the thought of finishing undergrad made me quite anxious, that anxiety has now been replaced with excitement. For the first time this semester, I’ve felt truly happy and content, and not riddled with fear of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

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On the homestretch of undergrad

My undergrad is coming to an end, and…I don’t know how to feel about it all.

Side note – To those who are new to the blog, it’s my final semester here at unimelb (Woo! I think.).

Part of me is really excited (and relieved) to be finished. I am so ready to be done. I’ve been counting down the weeks since day 1 of the semester, but as we get closer and closer to the end, this excitement is rapidly turning into fear. Just thinking about the end of undergrad is making me anxious!

With the end around the corner, I am definitely feeling the pressure to ‘sort my life out’ (whatever that means). It often feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I have to keep reminding myself that everything will be okay and reassure myself that I’m doing just fine.

In 3 weeks time I’ll be done with all my classes, and in 5 weeks, I will be enjoying my free end of exams crepe from Carte (that is, if Carte is continuing with free exam crepes) with a bottle of champagne in the other hand. Then I get to walk down Wilson Hall in my graduation gown in August to receive my very expensive piece of paper, and then…I don’t know…adult life?


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