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What We Wish We’d Known About Uni Before Starting First Year

You may have done everything within your powers to prepare for uni, but there are so many things you only find out later. To save you valuable time, the Unimelb Adventures team have come up with this cheatsheet of things we wish we’d known before we started uni! You don’t need to know what you’re […]

STOP 1? More like Stop FUN—Oh God I Didn’t Think That Through

Have you ever had that feeling when you walk into your Student Centre and it isn’t there anymore? I’ll bet you have, because as of January 1 this year, all of Academic Services—as in Student Centres, student administration, the Melbourne Careers Centre, Academic Skills, Student Connect, and more—have physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally co-located into one building/concept: […]

Why Study Earth Science?

Catherine graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geology and is currently completing her PhD where she travelled to remote Madagascar to collect rocks. You’ll also find her lecturing and demonstrating second year geology courses. Find more stories from the field here: Here, she writes about her experience studying Earth Sciences. In high school, […]