Beginning clinical school

To me, studying medicine doesn’t really feel like medicine until we leave the safe university campus and step out into the wards.

Suddenly you turn up to a timetabled block and the Doctor is not expecting you, doesn’t know who you are, and may even ask you to leave because there is not enough room for you.

Lectures are no longer recorded and may not have access to the slides beforehand, or after for that matter. We no longer learn solely from books, now we learn from patients.

Some days we learn a lot, some days we don’t. Every day is unpredictable.

Here’s my experience of starting clinical school so far.

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Why I chose the University of Melbourne

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that it’s such an honour to be a part of Unimelb Adventures and I’m so excited to share my experiences with you all.

My name is Seluz, and I’m an international student currently doing my Masters in Applied Mathematics.

Moving to Australia from Indonesia was a big move for me, and in this blog post, I will highlight several reasons that motivated me to study at the University of Melbourne.

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Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Attention food lovers of Melbourne University, we now have a weekly Farmer’s market filled with delicious food, cute packaging and FREE SAMPLES!

To save you the hassle of navigating your way through the crowds, Sonia and I have chosen our top 4 favourite stalls at the Market (if we’ve missed your favourite, tell us below!).

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ENVS10006 Mapping Environments

Word on the street says that there has been an all time low of enrolments in the subject Mapping Environments this year. Apparently this is due to a clash with the Natural Environments Lecture (which is a core subject).

Mapping is a subject that can be taken as an elective in the Bachelor of Environments course and it was the reason I decided to major in Geomatics (now Spatial Systems) back when I was undertaking my Bachelor.

I am now doing my Masters in the ‘Spatial’ stream of engineering, so this subject is what got the ball rolling for me and the majority of my friends who are also doing Masters.

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The Ultimate Vegan’s Guide to Melbourne Uni

Are you a new vegan student on campus? Worried about living off salads and having to do animal dissections in your biology classes?

Worry not! As a Masters student who has completed her undergrad and worked here at Unimelb, I can say with years of experience that Melbourne is one of the most vegan-friendly universities in Victoria, if not the whole of Australia!

I’ve been vegan all throughout my studies at the University and am very acquainted with all Unimelb has to offer for us vegans so I thought I’d compile this handy guide to help the rest of you along the way!

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Fun times at UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ

If you’re new to Unimelb, UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ is literally one of the single best things the University of Melbourne has to offer.

Organised by the Student Union, or UMSU Activities to be more specific, the Tuesday BBQ is a weekly event where live bands perform and sausages are eaten entirely for free.

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100 tips to survive first year

Since these tips were published in March 2015, student services at the University have undergone a massive overhaul. As such, a small number of the tips do not provide the correct details for where to find student services. We work very hard to ensure the accuracy of what we post, and we have updated tips where possible to bring the post up to speed. Thanks … Continue reading 100 tips to survive first year