Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Attention food lovers of Melbourne University, we now have a weekly Farmer’s market filled with delicious food, cute packaging and FREE SAMPLES! To save you the hassle of navigating your way through the crowds, Sonia and I have chosen our top 4 favourite stalls at the Market (if we've missed your favourite, tell us below!). … Continue reading Wednesday Farmer’s Market

ENVS10006 Mapping Environments

Word on the street says that there has been an all time low of enrolments in the subject Mapping Environments this year. Apparently this is due to a clash with the Natural Environments Lecture (which is a core subject). Mapping is a subject that can be taken as an elective in the Bachelor of Environments course … Continue reading ENVS10006 Mapping Environments

The Ultimate Vegan’s Guide to Melbourne Uni

Are you a new vegan student on campus? Worried about living off salads and having to do animal dissections in your biology classes? Worry not! As a Masters student who has completed her undergrad and worked here at Unimelb, I can say with years of experience that Melbourne is one of the most vegan-friendly universities in Victoria, … Continue reading The Ultimate Vegan’s Guide to Melbourne Uni

Fun times at UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ

If you’re new to Unimelb, UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ is literally one of the single best things the University of Melbourne has to offer. Organised by the Student Union, or UMSU Activities to be more specific, the Tuesday BBQ is a weekly event where live bands perform and sausages are eaten entirely for free. Yes, for … Continue reading Fun times at UMSU’s Tuesday Band and BBQ

EDUC20074 Positive Communities and Organisations

Positive Communities and Organisation was reviewed by Jessie Sun. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). *** It is my pleasure to review EDUC20074 Positive Communities and Organisations, which has been my very favourite subject out of all 16 I have taken so far in my two years at UniMelb. Context: What … Continue reading EDUC20074 Positive Communities and Organisations