MKTG10001 Subject Review

Marilyn is a second-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology, and hopes to become a Clinical Psychologist in the future. In her free time, she enjoys rowing and singing with the University choir.   Principles of Marketing is a first-year subject offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics. As its name implies, it teaches you the basic concepts in marketing, and gives you … Continue reading MKTG10001 Subject Review

Reasoning Through Reason MULT10016

Ashleigh Hastings studies media and politics at Melbourne Uni. Her hobbies include singing in inappropriate places, dying her hair inappropriate colours and struggling to sum herself up in two sentences. The basics Reason is a level 1 Arts subject taught in semester 1. Reason is also an Arts foundation subject, meaning it’s designed to help you develop basic analytical skills, critical thinking and the conventions … Continue reading Reasoning Through Reason MULT10016

Why Study Earth Science?

Catherine graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geology and is currently completing her PhD where she travelled to remote Madagascar to collect rocks. You’ll also find her lecturing and demonstrating second year geology courses. Find more stories from the field here: Here, she writes about her experience studying Earth Sciences. In high school, I loved ALL of the sciences. So I enrolled in … Continue reading Why Study Earth Science?

Foundations of Computing – Subject Review

Sonia is currently a second year Arts student with a double major of Media and Communications and Psychology. In her spare time she loves to go for walks and do photography. Foundations of Computing involved learning the programming language Python. You don’t need any prior experience, the language is taught from scratch. However, if you know your stuff, you can undertake a programming competency test, … Continue reading Foundations of Computing – Subject Review

Five things I’ve learnt during my internship

There are many opportunities at the University to undertake an internship as part of your degree. This semester, I’m doing the Public Affairs internship, which counts as 2 subjects towards my Politics major and involves 200 hours of placement at an organisation. At the end, you produce a research report or portfolio of your work to be assessed.

Gaining work experience whilst not having to write essays? Hell yes!

I’ve just reached the halfway point of my time at a social marketing organisation and have learnt a lot so far. Here are five things that have stuck out:

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World Music Choir Review

Lucy Q. is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physiology and Psychology.

Before we begin, there are a few questions you must answer!

Do you love music?

Do you love singing?

Do you want to underload in a semester?

Are you going to be in Melbourne all Summer?

Perhaps a struggling uni student too poor to travel, but yearning to seek adventure in the 3 months of study freedom?

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ENVS10006 Mapping Environments

Word on the street says that there has been an all time low of enrolments in the subject Mapping Environments this year. Apparently this is due to a clash with the Natural Environments Lecture (which is a core subject).

Mapping is a subject that can be taken as an elective in the Bachelor of Environments course and it was the reason I decided to major in Geomatics (now Spatial Systems) back when I was undertaking my Bachelor.

I am now doing my Masters in the ‘Spatial’ stream of engineering, so this subject is what got the ball rolling for me and the majority of my friends who are also doing Masters.

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