The best places to chill out at uni

It's important to take a break during the business of SWOTVAC and exams, so the team have prepared a list of our favourite places to chill out at Unimelb! The lawn next to the Sidney Myer Asia Centre The water here is so calming, and there are two cafes close by (Cafe Resource attached to … Continue reading The best places to chill out at uni

Getting involved at university and padding your resumé

  Aidan is an Italian Honours student at the University of Melbourne and one of our sub-editors at Unimelb Adventures. When he’s not studying (ie. struggling to write his thesis) in the Bailieu library, you’ll find him taking photographs around Melbourne or attempting to learn another foreign language.   “So….. What are your plans for … Continue reading Getting involved at university and padding your resumé

Campus Hacks to Catch ‘Em All!

Ruby is a third year student studying a Bachelor of Science (Biotech) and a Diploma of Languages (Japanese), but is currently considering a professional career as a Pokémon Master. When I wake up, I hit the gym. Instinct takes over and off I go. Yeah, I’m that kind of person. You see, I wanna be the very … Continue reading Campus Hacks to Catch ‘Em All!

Just Like This: In Which Uni is Just Like Alice in Wonderland

Caitlin is a third year Arts student, majoring in Creative Writing and English & Theatre Studies. "Just Like This" is a fortnightly column where she compares university to things that aren't university.   "I shall have to ask them what the name of the country is, you know. Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand? Or … Continue reading Just Like This: In Which Uni is Just Like Alice in Wonderland

Settling in as an international student

Leanne L. is a first year student in Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics. She also hopes to get the hang of technology in this lifetime. The end of semester is nearing, and most students should be settled in by now. However, it is understandable that it may take a little longer for … Continue reading Settling in as an international student

Week 4: Happenings at unimelb

Time is flying so fast, everything is becoming a blur! As we head into Week 5 of uni, we're going to revisit some events that happened over last week. With the help with our contributors, and curated by yours truly (Daphane here, hello!), here were some events that happened in Week 4: Opening of the new Professors Walk … Continue reading Week 4: Happenings at unimelb

Volunteering opportunities: Where to Look

If you have just started university and want to find out what all this ‘volunteering’ stuff is about, or you are already a seasoned volunteer and want to expand your repertoire, than this post is for you! For those of you unfamiliar with volunteering, it basically involves willingly providing your services to an event, charity … Continue reading Volunteering opportunities: Where to Look

Looking for a quiet place to unwind?

If you're looking for a quiet, cosy place to unwind - try the Environments and Design Student Lounge. This area is tucked away on the ground floor of the Baldwin Spencer building, and is easily missed by many. I stumbled across this lounge by accident! I was trying to find an alternate entrance to my lecture … Continue reading Looking for a quiet place to unwind?