Orientation and SummerFest: What’s On?

Sam is a final year Master of Publishing and Communications student who loves to watch soccer and cycling, read books, bake cakes and knit jumpers. New to the Uni and wondering what to expect during the next couple of weeks of Orientation before first semester kicks off? Fear not! Here’s a rundown of some of the top events coming up. Carnival day Tuesday 21 February … Continue reading Orientation and SummerFest: What’s On?

What’s the deal with census dates?

Carla is a third year BSc student studying geology and completing a Dip Lang in Spanish. She enjoys reading outdoors, and some of her passions include soccer, hiking and photography. Navigating the University website and remembering all the key dates and deadlines for the year can be overwhelming. So I have put together a handy step by step guide to help you understand some of … Continue reading What’s the deal with census dates?

Join Unimelb Adventures in Semester 2!

It’s the question everyone’s been asking – what’s going to happen to Unimelb Adventures once I graduate?

Well, it’s a great pleasure to announce that I’m handing the reins over to our new editors – Reanna Clark and Travis Lines! They have been fantastic Semester 1 sub-editors, and I’m confident they’ll do a killer job leading the way for Semester 2.

Both Reanna and Travis are in their final year of undergrad – Reanna is an Arts student and Travis is a biomed student. Please be nice to them when I disappear! My last day on the blog will be August 1 – the day of my graduation.

Here’s the extra exciting part – we are now recruiting bloggers to join our family in Semester 2!

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New Parkville train station by 2026

“An even bigger win for Melbourne Uni students who, drunk on sparkling goon and their own self importance, are looking for a way in and out of the city proper.”Herald Sun

Aww, thank you Herald Sun! (That was sarcasm, FYI.)

Moving on.

There’s been lots of chatter about a new railway station in Parkville for a while now. And as always, I’ve been very skeptical about it since it’s always been all talk but no action.

When Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis announced on Twitter that Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed plans for a new Parkville train station – I was honestly quite surprised (and very excited!).

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Do you want a shorter exam period?

Hey all! This will be a super quick blog post. The university is looking at improving the scheduling and management of our exams & results, and they want to try a couple of changes this exam period. How does this mean? This could mean that our exam period may even be shortened, giving us a longer holiday! But then again…that means less time to cram … Continue reading Do you want a shorter exam period?

The LMS had a makeover!


Greetings from Singapore ladies and gents! Yes I am on my holiday, but I’ve decided to squeeze in one blog post before I head out. (I’m a bit of a workaholic, I know)

Anyways, there was a big update to the LMS the other week, and I quite like the new look. It’s a bit more functional, and it looks “pretty” – so yes, it has my tick of approval :)

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