Our Uni turns 160 years old!

Photo: http://www.huu.unimelb.edu.au

Happy 160th Birthday Melbourne Uni!

I’ve been doing a bit of research and poking around to uncover the history of our uni.

If you’re a bit of a historian fanatic, I think you will love this awesome website: http://our-history.unimelb.edu.au

A little disclaimer: None of these are my photos, and I’ve put the links to where I’ve pulled them off from. I hope I don’t get into trouble with the historian fairies.

To celebrate the 160th birthday of our institute, here are some fun facts about Melbourne Uni!

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Architecture building comes tumbling down

The Architecture Building as it stands today (26 March, 2013)

You know that big construction site in the middle of campus? You know, the one that is always making you late for class because of the little detours you have to make?

Well, that place is the Architecture Building! (or more accurately, the remnants of it)

Long story short – they’re knocking that building down, and re-building a fancy-modern one.

(Whenever I walk past the site, the construction workers look like they’re having a ball smashing everything the building down to pieces. Just a smidge frightening…)

You want photos of the new building design? I’ve got them for you thanks to my trusty googling skills.
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