Getting involved at university and padding your resumé

  Aidan is an Italian Honours student at the University of Melbourne and one of our sub-editors at Unimelb Adventures. When he’s not studying (ie. struggling to write his thesis) in the Bailieu library, you’ll find him taking photographs around Melbourne or attempting to learn another foreign language.   “So….. What are your plans for after university?”.   Whilst it’s tempting to try and avoid … Continue reading Getting involved at university and padding your resumé

To Travel, or Not to Travel?

Sam is a first year Master of Publishing and Communications student who spent the last year travelling around (some of) the world. In his spare time, he likes to watch soccer and cycling, read books, bake cakes and knit jumpers. Have you come to the end of your undergraduate degree, exhausted from endless hours of study, assignments and procrastination, and feel like you need a … Continue reading To Travel, or Not to Travel?

Just Like This: In Which Uni is Just Like a Sparkly Toilet Room

  Caitlin is a third year Arts student, majoring in Creative Writing and English & Theatre Studies. “Just Like This” is a fortnightly column where she compares university to things that aren’t university. My very least favourite place at uni is the sparkly grey room in the Union House toilets. I don’t know about the men’s toilets (I intended to go in to do some … Continue reading Just Like This: In Which Uni is Just Like a Sparkly Toilet Room

Deakin vs Melbourne: First Week of Med School

Tara and Travis, sub-editor and editor respectively from our 2015 team, started Med school last week. We’ve invited them back to compare their experiences! Tara (Deakin, Geelong) It has taken weeks of preparation (and of sorting through cooking equipment and bed linen) before I could open the door of my new house on residence at Deakin, Geelong. Starting med this year at Deakin has presented … Continue reading Deakin vs Melbourne: First Week of Med School

Explainer: What is VCESS?

From the 11th to the 22nd of January, editor Travis and sub-editor Bella volunteered on-campus for the VCE Summer School. They’ve done their research, and are now here to tell you all about it! What is VCESS? As the name suggests, VCESS is a VCE summer school that caters to students from underrepresented schools or who have suffered some form of adversity during their schooling. … Continue reading Explainer: What is VCESS?

Life after unimelb

Hello strangers! It’s been what, 3 months since I graduated – how crazy’s that? A lot has happened since my unimelb days. So much so, I feel like I’ve grown into a different person. Since graduating from my science degree, I’ve been fortunate to secure a full-time job at Deakin in the International Marketing and Comms team and I’m absolutely loving it! I love the work, I … Continue reading Life after unimelb