Immigrating into first year: a field guide for international students

Moving away for uni is a common experience. You look for an apartment, maybe bunk in with a friend, start cooking and cleaning for yourself and learn much too late that not turning on the vents above your stove WILL set off the fire alarm in small apartments. New school, new city, no more parental supervision, fresh start. Starting uni as an international student is … Continue reading Immigrating into first year: a field guide for international students

Applying for Exchange

  Audilia is a third-year Biomedicine student majoring in Immunology, and is undecided on whether she wants to pursue health or education (or both?). When she’s not holed up in a library, you’ll find her stuck in a book or blogging at audsventures. So, you want to be adventurous? Study abroad? Live away from home? Travel the world (or at least, part of it)? Make new … Continue reading Applying for Exchange

5 Things That Make You Appreciate UniMelb When on Exchange

Makenzie is a current UniMelb student on exchange at Jean Moulin University Lyon III in France for a semester. When it comes to university admin and facilities, we have all done our share of complaining. We know too well of the moments when University admin gives us a run around or when the Wi-Fi drops out when we need it most. It is often that … Continue reading 5 Things That Make You Appreciate UniMelb When on Exchange

5 Lessons My First Month of Exchange Has Taught Me

Hello lovely readers! I am a third year creative writing/law student who is currently on exchange at the University of East Anglia, which is not in London (It’s in Norwich).

There are rabbits on campus. Rabbits! It’s adorable, but more on that later.


Despite being on exchange for less than two months, I’ve been taught some pretty valuable life lessons, and not always in an easy way. Apologies if they’re Stilton level cheesy, but here goes.

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5 things I learned while studying abroad

Studying overseas has always been on my wish list since starting my degree, but it’s also something I’ve continually put off because:

a) I thought I couldn’t afford it.

b) I had no idea where to start looking for studying abroad things. It seemed like a logistical nightmare (which it very much was).

c) I thought I was too late in my degree to study overseas.

By some miracle things worked out in the end and I was off to Cuzco, taking a Biodiversity in Peru course!

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Week 4 studying abroad: Saying goodbye

So, this blog post is about 2 weeks overdue because I didn’t get around to finishing this post at the time. Better late than never! My time studying abroad has come to an end, and I arrived back in Melbourne yesterday morning. As excited as I am to be back home, I’m missing Peru! Week 4 marked the final week of my study abroad shindig in … Continue reading Week 4 studying abroad: Saying goodbye

Week 3 studying abroad: Venturing to the Amazon

So I didn’t have the greatest time in Week 2, but things have looked up this week!

First of all – baby Rosie has been found! Thank you all for your messages. I really appreciate it. She was found hiding in the corner of my backyard neighbour’s front yard after 2 days since she was missing.

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Week 1 Studying Abroad: Still Alive

It’s been a week since I ventured off to Peru to study abroad, and thought I’d put together a short summary of how things are going on my end.

First of all, yes – there have been plenty of llamas and alpacas spotted here. In the photo above, that’s one chilling out at Machu Picchu, and here are some others I’ve spotted.

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Applying for exchange


Bored with life at Melbourne Uni? I can’t imagine you would be, but if you have an itch to explore the world during your time here, then Global Mobility is your answer!

The Global Mobility website offers all the information you need about getting the most out of your UniMelb experience with an international focus. While the site does offer information about single overseas subjects, today I will be focusing on the application process for exchange.

Trust me when I say it is a long, complicated process! However, it looks as if Global Mobility has changed and the process is now mostly online! You young whipper snappers don’t have to kill a million trees like I did back in my day.

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