Five Galleries Near Campus That Aren’t the Ian Potter

Jen is a fourth year art history student, though this is her first year at Unimelb (she’s from NZ, don’t hold it against her). When she’s not at uni, Jen will be out getting to know Melbourne and all it has to offer.   The uni gallery has a lot to offer and it’s a great place to go and clear your head for a … Continue reading Five Galleries Near Campus That Aren’t the Ian Potter

What do the results code mean?

I remembered when I got my results back for the first time at uni and I had absolutely no clue what they meant!

My friends at other unis were talking about distinctions, HDs..and here we are with this H1, H2A thing which made no sense to me at the time.

So, I hope this post gives you a better idea what those subject codes represent.

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Thinking of studying a second bachelor degree?

By Matthew Mack

So some of you reading this may have recently acquired an offer to study at the University of Melbourne. Congratulations!

Others may be somewhat hesitant about the fact that you can’t directly study a double degree at the University of Melbourne. I can empathise, I wanted to do a Science/Music double degree, but at the time, such wasn’t possible. Their alternative is to study a second bachelor’s degree after your first.

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Tips when choosing a University


This was part of my ‘Crash course to Uni‘ workshop.

Choosing what course you want to do, and what university you want to go to – is a pretty big decision. I certainly had no clue what I wanted to do, and it was only when I had to put down my uni preferences that I started seriously considering my options.

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