Daphane’s out on research…again!

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Ahoy there readers!

This is just a quick post to let you know that I will be out on a personal adventure this weekend and will be returning on Monday 25th. So if you send messages/emails/comments to me during this period – you may not receive a response. It’s not because I don’t love you or anything, it’s just a reception thing!

Last week I was down on French Island to assist with the trapping of Bandicoots as part of an ongoing conservation project (see my previous post).  And this weekend I’ll be camping out in Yarra State Forest to help out with an ecological monitoring program involving reptiles! Woo! Mind you I am taking PUBLIC TRANSPORT to Yarra Forest. Hello 2 hour commute! Continue reading Daphane’s out on research…again!

Safer Community Program launches Unisafe app


What is the Safer Community Program?

This program started in 2013, and the program aims to promote a safer environment at the University. If you have any security concerns or in need of safety advice, these are the people to talk to.

Continue reading Safer Community Program launches Unisafe app

Safer Community Program launches Unisafe app!


The Safer Community Program is making our university a safer place! As part of their initiative, they have created a nifty app called UniSafe which is available for free on both android and apple mobile phones.

What’s on the app?

There’s lots of important information on the app. Along with security’s numbers, you can check out support services available on campus such as counselling and psychological services, disability liaison, international student support etc. There’s also personal safety tips on there,  you can call for a security escort if you feel unsafe walking around campus and so much more! Continue reading Safer Community Program launches Unisafe app!

Student Connect? Say whaaat?

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.49.26 AM

If you’re a first year undergrad student commencing in 2013, you may have already been contacted from someone from Student Connect to organise a 30 minute appointment with a Student Development Advisor! If not, don’t worry – they’re still in the process of going down their list.

So…what IS student connect?

Student Connect is a new program for 2013, and essentially – the program is there to help new students with their transition to university AND to help with their progress throughout uni. Continue reading Student Connect? Say whaaat?

View your LMS on your mobile devices! (Blackboard Mobile Learn)

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Have you heard of the university’s latest creation?!

You can now download an app to view the LMS on your phone, tablet, ipad…you name it! (if you don’t know what the LMS is, check out my previous post here). It is a faster way to access your LMS, and you can also access the lecture recordings through the app too!

But we have been advised that there are some things that you can’t do on with this LMS app such as submitting your assignments, uploading documents and such. Continue reading View your LMS on your mobile devices! (Blackboard Mobile Learn)

EDIT: Harlem Shake at Melbourne Uni!

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UPDATE: The Student Union is now in charge of organising the Harlem Shake fiasco, and it’s now the 26th March at South Lawn. Meet at 12.30pm for a 12.45 start. Beg your host leader to take you there!

You’ll probably sick to death hearing all about the Harlem Shake…but a little bird has told me that we will be doing our very own Harlem Shake on campus! Jump on board, get some props/costumes, and get your best dance moves ready!

So put this into your diaries! Continue reading EDIT: Harlem Shake at Melbourne Uni!

I need a place to live! (Student Housing)

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Sick of your stinky roommates? House hunting? Are you looking for a new place to live?

You’ve come to the right post! Today’s post will be all about student housing and all of the services they offer. Here are a couple of FAQs that I’m dealing with at work.

Where can I find accommodation?

On campus: If you’re looking at living on campus at one of the colleges, Continue reading I need a place to live! (Student Housing)

BIOL10004: Biology of Cells and Organisms review

*This image is not mine – I can’t remember where I got it from!

The title says it all, this will be my review of BIOL10004: Biology of Cells and Organisms!

Where oh where to begin…

The Basics:

Well, for starters – this is a level 1 science subject that is offered in semester one! You can do this subject as a breadth if you’re studying Arts, Commerce, Environments and Music. You cannot do this subject if you’re in Biomed!

Handbook link: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/2013/BIOL10004

Why do it?

This subject is a prerequisite for A LOT of science things down the track. Do it!

What will be covered in the lectures?

Continue reading BIOL10004: Biology of Cells and Organisms review

What is the LMS?/Lecture Recordings/Assignments

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Uni is fast approaching, and soon your subject coordinators will begin to active their subject’s LMS! So here is a guide to help you navigate through your LMS.

What is LMS?

LMS is short for ‘Learning Management System’ where you can find your lecture slides, readings, discussion pages etc.

For more info: click me to be directed to ask.unimelb’s FAQ

How can I access it?

You can access the LMS in 2 ways: Continue reading What is the LMS?/Lecture Recordings/Assignments

Home sweet home!

I’m back in Melby B folks!

I’ve just returned from a trip to French Island, volunteering to help with some research on the endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoots. And yes, I have been handwriting several blog posts as promised and they’ll be posted up here shortly!

The trip up to French Island was an interesting one. I’ve never ventured to that side of town by myself before, especially on public transport! I had to catch a tram, train, train and a ferry to get there; and in total it was roughly a 2 hour commute. Continue reading Home sweet home!

Daphane is out on research! (12 Feb – 15 Feb)

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Just so you don’t freak out and wonder why I haven’t posted anything in the coming days…it’s not because I’ve run out of ideas to blog about! And it’s not because I don’t love you anymore!

I will be out volunteering on French Island to assist with the research of the endangered marsupial, Eastern Barred Bandicoot! They’re a strange little critter, check out their pointy nose! And hopefully we’ll get a chance to check out other animals on the island – particularly koalas! Apparently they’re everywhere down there.

I’m super excited to have this opportunity to get some experience out in the field, and was so happy to get time off work this week to be able to do this! *happy dance*

I’m not sure if I will have internet/reception on the island, but I will be handwriting my posts in my lovely notebook during my trip (that is if I remember how to write). And I’ll load them up on the net when I get back on Friday/Saturday.

Till then, I hope you have a lovely week and Valentine’s Day!