How To Reference: A Painful Tale

Eliza S. is a 2nd year BA student studying Media and Comms and Film and Cultural Studies. She enjoys coffee, procrastination, fantasy fiction, wasting time online, rhyming, long walks far FAR away from any beach and (obviously) writing. Referencing is confusing. It’s easy to get wrong, and easy to lose marks for. So I’m about to try and make a few lives a lot easier. … Continue reading How To Reference: A Painful Tale

Not happy with your exam results?

So you’ve put in all that work, only to be rewarded with a measly mark – gah!

It sucks to get a mark that doesn’t represent the work and effort you’ve put in for the subject, and we’ve all been there before.

In between yelling profanities at your computer and fighting the temptation to rage quit uni, you can do something about this. This post will go through the steps you can take to do something about those unhappy results.

Just FYI – This post has been vetted by the 13 MELB folks and the information below is accurate as of Wed 8 July.

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How do I check my results?

Don’t panic, but results have started to trickle out.

Do bear in mind that results are not finalised until after 3pm, Friday 10 July. Most results tend to stay the same once uploaded on the portal. However, marks do change on rare occasions.

For example – this one time in second year, my subject score dropped by 9 marks because there was a ‘misalignment’ in the excel spreadsheet with the results (Goodbye H1). There was also another time when I got an addition marks to my score – win!

My one piece of advice would be to check your results with a grain of salt.

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10 thoughts you have in an exam

1. *opens exam paper* WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. 2. WHEN DID WE EVEN LEARN THIS? 3. NONE OF THE THINGS I STUDIED FOR ARE IN THIS EXAM. 4. I CAN’T REMEMBER THE THING. 5. Oh wow, I can actually answer this question. 6. Hmm…how much do I need on this exam to pass? 7. Man I’m starving. 8. THIS EXAM IS STOOPID. 9. Yeahh nah. I’m screwed. 10. NOPE. I’m … Continue reading 10 thoughts you have in an exam

Studying for exams be like…

“Today’s the day. I can feel it in my bones. I WILL get some study done today!” “Cool cool, things are going well so far.” 30 minutes later “No, no, no! FOCUS GODDAMMIT.” “I’ll just grab a coffee, and I should be good to study again.” “I’M CAFFEINATED. MY BODY IS READY. LET’S DO THIS.” *opens practice exam paper, looks at first question* “Ermahgerd I have no … Continue reading Studying for exams be like…

Studying for the exam

I’m just going to let the GIFs do the talking. “How’s the studying going?” Expectation of swotvac Reality Guess I was a bit over-ambitious? This lecture content makes no sense *trying to do practice exam papers* Hello, brain? You still there? Nope, this still makes no sense But when I finally understand it Friends: “You’ll be FINE!” I still have a lot to cover before … Continue reading Studying for the exam