Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Nathan is a final year science student majoring in Pathology and aspires to study medicine. In his spare time he loves playing cricket. What exactly does research entail? I thought I would find out by diving straight into it and doing an undergraduate research subject. After 10 weeks in the lab, I’ve learnt a lot about what it’s actually like! I had the opportunity to undertake a … Continue reading Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Five things I’ve learnt during my internship

There are many opportunities at the University to undertake an internship as part of your degree. This semester, I’m doing the Public Affairs internship, which counts as 2 subjects towards my Politics major and involves 200 hours of placement at an organisation. At the end, you produce a research report or portfolio of your work to be assessed.

Gaining work experience whilst not having to write essays? Hell yes!

I’ve just reached the halfway point of my time at a social marketing organisation and have learnt a lot so far. Here are five things that have stuck out:

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