It’s election time again!

Disclaimer: Unimelb Adventures is not affiliated with UMSU, however a number of the blogging team are involved in the upcoming elections. We have tried to be as impartial where possible in our presentation of the elections, but understand that the views expressed in this article are that of the author’s. From September 5-9 you’ll notice that you won’t be able to walk between lectures without … Continue reading It’s election time again!

It’s the last day of student elections!

Congratulations on surviving election week! I’m sure you all have perfected your “leave me alone” face by now. To celebrate the end of election week, here are some GIFs that basically sums up this week. Whenever I see campaigners ahead When I realise that there’s no detour around them, so I have to keep walking towards them What I imagine campaigners are like when they … Continue reading It’s the last day of student elections!